10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

bin laden photo thechive2 10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

Attention Chivers, America needs your help. We could not have been happier to hear that the “man” responsible for the mass murders of Americans for years has been given justice with a bullet through his head. As you all know there is a ton of controversy surrounding the termination of Bin Laden due to Obama withholding the “death photo”. This is beyond politics, this is about closure and trust in our government. The families of the victims have the right to see this photo. Full Disclosure? Democrats, Republicans, Muslim Americans, even Canadians want to see this photo. theCHIVE, realizing we have millions of awesome fans, thought why not see if we can get the snowball rolling and grab the White House’s attention through Facebook.

We started a Facebook group, “Ten million strong to show Bin Laden death photo


a jonstewart quotable 10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

  • Robert J.

    The ones who want to see the photos are most likely the same ones who like to stop and rubberneck at a traffic accident just to see the gore and dead bodies there too….. There is absolutely no need to see photos that will only further inflame those radicals who are still around. Dont make that animal into a martyr…. Get over it America and move on with your lives.

  • Jason

    "If this administration had not already conducted itself as a conglomerate of pathological liars, I wouldn't doubt that we got him. " by agreatsign

    I am pretty sure you are confusing this administration with the last one.

    • Robert J.

      For sure he is definitely confusing it with the previous bunch of cowboys …..

  • JoannC

    Am I the only one having a hard time believing this bastard is really dead. I think I need to see the photo

  • mike

    Why don’t you morons do something positive like go join the Army. You bunch of goobers.

  • CBurn

    So instead of removing this post or apologizing, you just added a Jon Stewart quote to the end as a slap in the face?

    Nice one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ancient.angel Karen Giselle DeDiego

    If they choose to show us the photos, fine. But if they don't then that should also be fine. But I do agree with the Jon Stewart quote but not about the Bin Laden photo. They never wanted us to see the caskets of the soldiers coming home and that's what we needed to see. We need to see our people dying and the innocent people slain overseas to see what war really is. That's what's going to hit home for us not the photo of ONE dead terrorist.

  • Gooner4

    Someone else said this recently and I concur. The same folks who went INSANE over the Janet Jackson nip slip are the same asking to see pictures of a dead guy. Kind of weird if you ask me.

    • Gooner4

      I'm also extremely disappointed by this.

  • rod

    If I needed politics, then I won't be on this website. Come on now. Who gives a shit. We've survived 10 years with or without him…what difference does it make now!?

  • Patty C

    I come to The Chive to see funny pics, fat tits and gifs. Whether or not you guys get 10 mil for this doesn’t matter to me. You’ve brought your brand down by getting involved in political matter that you haven’t the track record nor the intelligence to back up.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/politicalhostage Political Hostage

    John "Stewart" Leibowitz is a jackass. What a stupid thing to say.

  • ringo cassanova

    stupid hoax. still better action story than twilight

  • Terry

    Just stupid. Osama died December 13, 2001, while living in Afghanistan's Tora Bora mountains of Kidney failure. The neighbor of the man that Seal Team Six executed said that that wasn't Osama. US politics and our controlled media is a sham, and war is a racket.

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