Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • http://twitter.com/ScottCO09 @ScottCO09

    #5 So I guess this is one of those trick paintings that look 3D..but where's her back foot?

    • 4SOC20saint

      under her left knee

  • http://twitter.com/ScottCO09 @ScottCO09

    Nutella FTW

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Holly-Sands/1666982036 Holly Sands

    #8 Can I have your mum? Please?

  • Anonymous


  • greasdupdeafguy

    #1 he has to be on the Chive

  • Niitsitapi13

    try living in a world of only nutella and no peanut butter for a year. long story short peanut butter is the shit. peter pan crunchy with honey is my weapon of choice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.parrish3 Timothy Parrish

      Mmmm….. Yessss!! possibly the best PB ever..

  • Wow the app sucks and the reg site is starting to also, way to keep posting the same picks day after day after day

    Your moms house

  • iAm1-NAMI

    Sorry, not Jesus. this is just this some hairy pot maker from jerusalem. Besides, Jesus is much more appealing.

  • AsciiAdam

    Seemed more like daily morning randomness. I did not see much awesome, a little, but not much.

  • Mr_Joshwa

    #9 Kat is seriously under my skin! She's one through five on my "celebrities i love" list. I know it sounds cheesey, but i'd kill just to have a conversation with her.

  • Rich

    #9 is Kat Dennings 🙂

  • Mitico

    #8 – you mean obesity and diabetes kit? Good going, mom..

  • bless1

    #2,#12- awsome indeed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harre-Downey/541801625 Harre Downey

    #9- damn Cat!

  • chris

    I hearby request MOAR #9

  • Splinter


    Bill Murry Motor boat!! Epic work Chive!! Haha

  • doublemeat

    Been a fan of hers since 40 Year Old Virgin. Really surprised she hasn't gotten more attention with that rack of hers.

  • NoMoGeronimo

    #3…first you get the money, then you get the pussy,,,,

  • MoistSnuff

    #9……….How did she know?????

  • GreyGhost9

    #9 She was worth the NSFW Google look up.

  • jaredallas

    #14 … Where do I know that house from? I had that… book? Lunchbox? Poster? Anyone?

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      Addams Family? #14

    • jaredallas

      For real? Thumbs down and you don't have/provide the answer? "No, boo your curiosity! You question-having bastard!"

      @BentWrenches, no I don't think so. It's real close but the Addam's Family had an east and west wing. Maybe there's a cartoon or comic variation I missed?

  • orangewhip

    #9 can't stand it when chicks have that top lip that flattens out when they smile. looks odd.

  • SharkyShooter

    #19 I'm pretty sure that this majestic bird of YES has been posted more than once. Not that I'm complaining though.

  • drewdeze

    that katt dennings is a fine piece of woman right there. id get red stripes dealing wit her

  • KTXL


    It's excellent for not keeping criminals in the car.

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