Dylan’s hostile Hump Day takeover (12 Photos)

More and more these days, people are flocking to theCHIVE for our Hump Day antics. Early this week, one of the best tushes theCHIVE has ever featured claimed her ass was going to take over Hump Day this week. I thought Dylan was kidding until she sent me these photos last night. Yeah, she wasn't joking. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Hump Day goodness. The standard Hump Day will be along shortly...

  • CubbieBear

    I dont get these comments? I thought this site was about REAL girls and celebrating their sexiness. Yet all this negativity because someone is not photoshoped to perfection? If thats what you want I am sure there are plenty of websites out there to provide that for you.

    Even if you are not attracted to whatever particular Chivette is posted, is the hate and rude comments really needed? Are you that small minded , or rather small dicked? Or is it you are just jealous because "real" girls dont talk to you in "real" life so you would rather spout your bullshit hiding behind your computer in your moms basement because you are a spineless fat fuck in reality and you hate life?

    I for one applaud the Chivettes and you Dylan for putting yourself out there. Dylan you are the embodiment of a REAL woman, Beautiful and Sexy! Chive on! #4

    • Bear Slayer :)

      oh shut up dude. anyone who takes the time to read your comment is just depressed for the rest of the day. everyone's comment who is not in favor of this "chivette" (as #4 leaves me questioning the sex of this girl) was relatively respectful. I'm not saying it was necessary for them to put negativity out there, but as this is a popular internet photo blog, you're subjecting yourself to a wide variety of opinions…
      As far as I'm concerned, these are photo's of a sexy hump… if it belongs to a woman. The photo's just leave room for wondering.

  • Debo

    Looks like a squared jawed dude to me… Just saying

  • the frenchman

    Thx, nice day with these #7 #8 #11

  • woolanoow

    #10 ftw!!! I want that many shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kohl

      materialistic women who buy so many shoes are just sad

  • Sawyer

    that black lace one piece is deadly..

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #6 Thrust-Jiggle Thrust-Jiggle Thrust-Jiggle Thrust-Jiggle Thrust-Jiggle Thrust-Jiggle Thrust-Jiggle etc….

  • IronLion

    GOOD LAWD!!!… I like her. She can stay.
    #6 is the best pic…. just want to bury my nose in there…. wear it like a surgical mask….
    look at the shitter on that critter….

  • arrowflight

    Will you be bringing "a man" with you?

  • toastymoe

    i saw some cute toes in there too!

  • 13 is one of the sexiest pics I've seen. Don't listen to these other d-bags you are one of the best I've seen!!

    L-Town Utah.

  • donnymac

    dick wrecker

  • Swinlok

    I can imagine it wasn't a very hostile takeover. more like… "Sure, you can take hump day".

  • lokobo

    I wanna touch it…………………..

  • Disruption

    I was skeptical at first, but once those FAMOUS shorts came into play…DAYUM

  • you gotta wonder

    ok… dylan is a man's name… #5 displays one MANLY chin…
    like really… i really hope this is a girl…

    • kohl

      nothing wrong with her chin.
      how many women (adult) have you personally met?

  • cjayy

    she has the ass AND the shoes. God, what a lucky woman

  • gdm426

    God Bless you Dylan

    • wilson

      please let religion out of this

  • SKT

    she's got 80s long ass.

  • A8eez

    #14 #waving white flag# i surrender! take me now

  • Kat

    Yeah, it's nice.. But honestly? I want something to grab onto.
    Seen better in the regular hump day post!

    Love, a loyal Chivette 🙂

  • Sid

    Dylan, your Hump is amazing but I almost prefer your legs in heels. just stunning. You Hostile takeover the chive any day you want.

  • Will

    #12 Holy smokes Batman that is one Awesomely Famous ass standing in front of all those shoes.

  • truthteller

    Dylan you are a Slut.

  • ChallengeAccptd

    This girl is too sexy! Well deserved takeover…



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