Girls in camo vs hot surfer chicks (45 Photos)

It's been a bit of an intense week. I figured, time to put up a post that gives me a quick laugh. Hopefully it's obvious, but just in case, the girls in camo are not real soldiers. They are models. As such, why not pit girls in camo vs surfer chicks.

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  • jkn

    the surf girls, those in camo is so much harder to find :/

  • patov40

    Does this have to be a contest? In my mind, both sides are winners! #24 and #7, please step forward as your teams' representative to receive your prize.

  • Pablo Goodapuff

    Surfer girls for the win!

  • m1a1

    Every time I see a chick with a gun, I just hope they'll accidentally shoot themselves before they get a chance to reproduce.

  • TinFoilHatSoldier

    Surfer girls for the win because the camo girls are all posed and model like. Find some real soldiers and maybe you'll have a real comp.

    • trollatc

      The only possible real girl in Camo is number 40.

  • sureman123

    where is the surfer girl in camo?? that would be a win-win

  • Herm23

    #35 – Marisa Miller's team wins everytime! Its science.

  • Dan

    Everybody wins!

    Also #28 is talented as hell.

  • konaehukai

    I'll vote for both.

  • Wow... Just wow

    Sorry but girls in camo ftw!!!
    They look soo much naughtier lol.

  • timmeee

    they're all out of my league but the degree of "out of league" is unmeasurable with #26 #33 and #41

  • disturbed

    Hot is hot no matter what they aren't wearing.

  • arob

    #6 FTW!!!

    • Trent

      MOAR, please.

  • Anon

    I'll take the camo girls. Do they come together, or individually?

  • Anon

    No contest… Camo girls by a landslide.

  • ** PAULA HATER **

    I am going to need names of all the contestants…Its for judging purposes.

  • Nate2003

    CAMO GIRLS!!!!!11!!!1

  • yup

    what about a girl surfing in camo?

  • unknown

    #27 the people in the chopper or on the ground STARE the people in the chopper STARE and crash because they want to get closer lol
    girls in camo wins

  • 99Dug

    #42 That is all

  • Nacho

    #22 and #32 all the way!

  • willkm75

    I refuse to choose just one…They are all winners

  • john

    #27 and #36… doubt it.

  • Motis

    #22 and #43 Camo Women all the way!! These women are awesome I personally don''t like women with huge breast these women are perfect!!

  • bill

    #3 does it for babe, me wood every day.

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