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Has the Mysterious Glasses Girl been found? (3 Photos)

That photo up there has been torched the internet for over a year now. Problem is, nobody really knows who the adorable blond is. One of our users thinks her name is Sirena Palermo from New York. I'm not convinced. I leave it to the Chivers to decide if she's been found. Is this the mystery glasses girl?

  • Chris

    She looks gorgeous in pic 1 =)

  • Kevin

    MOAR! and GI JANE… shes in shape.. not boney..theres a difference.

  • Kevin

    Thats definately her.. just creeped on her facebook..

  • deric

    @GIJane Haters Gonna Hate

  • Michael

    It is DEFINITELY not her. The jawline is much narrower, the eyes are a darker shade, the eyebrows angle down more towards the inside, the nose is slightly upturned in #1 as opposed to slightly hooked in #2 and #3, and the kerf (under the nose to the lips) is more pronounced in #1 than the other two.

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