• God

    God is not pleased……

    • Jedi

      Little baby Jesus is crying

    • Also God

      Nice gift.. how do I return?

  • 666

    mac miller LOL

    • Scott Villeneuve Alton

      indeed lol

  • Lupercal

    Oh my…

    • Forrest Herron


  • antrid

    Words cannot describe how fail this is.

    • spacemanspiff

      dang i clicked thumbs down…sorry sorry

      i too have failed!

  • opiateofthemasses073

    If there is a god, he/she/it is doing an infinitely epic divine face palm right now.

  • mustakrakish

    last i checked not much has changed since jesus came around.

  • Terry Burke

    butchering a classic DCTalk song… shaaaaaaame! shaaaaaame!

    • Cmoney

      DCTalk. That's is a classic indeed. I thought I was the only one that knew that!

      • S12

        So I'm not the only one who knew the words? Wow….

  • Tommy Newnes

    Where is that asian guy from American Idol that did the "She Bangs" song? I think I found someone he could beat in a singing contest.

  • Will

    Smite him!

  • Tim Love

    Virginity is strong with this one…

  • jasper

    Only in 'merica

  • Virulent87

    Hell yea

  • BluntForceTrauma

    I had a pair of those pants, the 90's were epic

    • NothingToSeeHere

      Actually, I would place those in the late 80's. I think we figured out they were ridiculous by the 90's

  • BluntForceTrauma

    And get him an inhaler

  • Addam West

    am i the only person that lost all faith in the christian/catholic religion after this?

    • sidebob

      you are not the only one…
      I didn't have much before this but lost even more after watching.

      Religion is the opium of the people

      • dub

        funny.. a guy named opiateofthemasses just posted something up above….

    • Robert

      Way ahead of you, pal.

  • HollarPeenYo

    You know you had a pair of those pants in the 90s… Don't lie, you know you did…

  • hueyrocks

    "Hit me!"? Oh yeah. We'd love to.

  • Lars

    Ain't that Eminem?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    this video needs a web redemption, im sure that kid is ashamed of his bible thumping past. sorry, i meant bible rapping

  • Gnubi

    If you think , this is a litle bite racist

    • dub

      Yeah! Jesus wasn't white!

    • dub

      I mean. Yeah! Only black people should be able to rap!

  • Proximo

    That is Mac Miller. He is a young famous rapper now…

    • Chim Richels

      Just followed that link.

      I felt 'sorry' for the zubas pants video kid. The douchebag in the link above? I'd like to punch him in his fucking jaw.

      Wigger chin strap beard d-bag.

      • DrROBOTO

        define famous….

        • Karch

          Mac Miller is jewish. So I don't think this is him, seeing that he has "Jesus is Lord" on his shirt.

  • Proximo

    So don't hate. He accomplished his dream of being a successful rapper

    • God is Dead

      1st of all, this is not even rap. If it were it might cross from the realm of the pathetic into the funny.
      2nd of all, if there were a god, this video would've ended with a lightning strike. Then this 'Nike on Feet' garbage would have never come to be.

      • Proximo

        I never said it was rap. Did I?
        Learn how to read.

  • Jesse

    You sure it's Mac Miller?

  • nuthang

    DC Talk

    • jken

      Wow, it's an actual song huh? *facepalm*

    • jayman

      no words. no…words

  • steve

    he is NOT my kid that's for damn sure

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