Kids: Not a single f#@*k was given that day (23 photos)

  • brad

    #4 Chuck Norris was a special child

    • dub

      The snake died from the venom only minutes later.

    • ENGINENO99

      great way to get salmonella

  • Anon

    Well, he had the right idea!

    • Knuckledonkey

      Don't worry. He'll learn.

    • bicozdenight

      Kamikaze Motorboating

    • amy

      fucking hell…terrible parents

    • topher

      dems was some tig ol bitties

    • lavmdmv

      Boob Checked

  • lutjiano

    #3 WTF?!!

    • Yarrrrr

      Why is the other kid bent over? I think the dog missed it's mark

    • Tyler

      That kid called next.

    • HankT

      Apparently a fuck WAS given that day…

    • Blake

      Always the ones that play hard to get

    • bkfrijoles

      The Parents of Teen Wolf

    • Dixie_Normous

      the chive just took their child porn obsession to a new and twisted level

    • panama99

      bad dog!!!!!

      Bad parents….who do you think is holding the camera!

    • tico

      pedo dog?????

    • bigdickmcgee

      So….did the dog cum or what?

      • Batman Mckickass

        Jesus man, there's just some things you don't talk about in public.

    • name

      I'm pretty sure the Feds consider this child porn. In fact govs in most english speaking countries probably would. I would take this off if I were thechive they could get in a lot of trouble.

    • zgl

      younger siblings always want what the older kids have ;p

  • JohnsScarf

    #10 showing some moxie there kiddo

    • piloto

      that kid is going places.

      • JPJ

        Ya, to his deep dark basement then probably to jail as a peeping tom.

  • Tankus

    #23 If I'd do that at my age, she would then kick me in the balls… sigh

    • HelmetsRUs

      The brain trauma from the floor would take care of it…

  • Dan

    #3 is the most WTF?! picture ever on the Chive.

    • MoistSnuff

      I don't know if I should laugh or jab my eyes with pencils

      • Daris

        Or call child protective services and take these kids out of the hands of the photographer. Dog fucking is NOT ok.

        • echogeo

          Yeah, I coulda done without seeing this.

        • name

          Whoever took this picture needed to stop this from happening instead of snapping photos for the internet.

    • Becca

      I agree WTF

    • YupYupYup

      practicing for a future in politics


    BALTIMORE RAVENS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BeccaB86

      I had to give you a thumbs up out of principle alone.

      • StuScottsLeft Eye


    • hoosker

      yeaa??…… well you eat shit for breakfast so i guess were even.

    • We Are Not Amused

      Ah Rashard, you still can't seem to keep your mouth shut. What a classless twit.

    • Prozac Nation

      You suck!!! Moron.

    • YupYupYup


  • pervo-bear

    #10 never gets old!

    • Jonjon Moon

      like a boss

      • JPJ

        Bosses don't have to sneek upskirt cell picks

        • Turdfurgeson

          Bosses also know how to spell "sneak"

    • Dr. Killjoy

      Until we read that this kid grew up to be a serial rapist. This really isn't funny that kid is way to old to not know that this isn't okay

      • name

        too old*

  • BMW

    Looks like somehting I would have done as I kid. #11

    • Piloto

      practicing for college…

  • Yarrrrr

    #23 babysitter of the year!

    • Doc

      she then worked at sheen's estate

      • HANK

        More likely…Waffle House

  • Ripple

    #18 anyone else remember wonder showzen? PILLS PILLS PILLS haha shit was crazy

    • kyoshizen

      Ah, wonder showzen. Gone far before its time.
      I'll never again see another jogger without hearing Clarence's voice screaming "What are you running from?? What are you running from??"

  • capthook

    #23 The instincts are strong with this one.

  • Yarrrrr

    and first!!

    • duh


      • Oasis

        …yet still a loser.

  • Seannerz

    #23 There's a lesson to be learned here, kid… those fun-bags come at a price.

  • MoistSnuff

    #23 MY TURN MY TURN!!!!

  • Cristi Palincas

    #21… so sad :/

    • Ken

      The spirit yearns for where the road may lead. Such a great shot. Reminds of Huckleberry Finn.

    • Yo Mamma

      Actually a pretty cool pic though

    • tfbuckfutter

      Yeah….maybe if she's not a half-naked 12 year old.

  • denzino

    #5 and #8 hahaha

    • HANK

      #8 20 yrs later their first actual prison break occurs

  • Urban

    #3 Looks like someone was givin' a phuck that day.

  • Blarg

    #21 future 'hot chick in the middle of nowhere'

    • AsciiAdam

      Pedobear? That you?

      • PedoBear

        No, I'm here …. shhh, creeping up behind her!

    • name

      Why don't you have a seat over here…

  • b-ry

    #8 fat kid through a little door….

    • Oasis

      Not fat, kidnap resistant.

  • Daris

    The magnifying glass was boss.

    • uberbrie

      It even came with a light…a FRIGG'N LIGHT!

  • AsciiAdam

    #9 Ah, the things kids can get away with…

    • i look at boobs

      so you can only look at boobs if your a kid?

    • evan

      yes it start that young

    • zgl

      sexual orientation is known at a very early age ;p

  • FrenchGuy

    Trying to drop one while your probably brother is getting … whatever this is … by a dog . So we 've got some pretty serious incestious-zoophilo-scatophiling at the same time, and all this before ( judging by the picture ) 8 for the older and not even 5 for the small one….That's some heavy early kids you've got there. Keep going kids, you're on the right track !

    • Daris

      I had to read your comment like three times and google two of the words before I even knew what you were talking about, after all that I've realized something…I spend too much time on here.

      • Ali


    • E.V.L.

      These kids are undergoing a training seminar for when they grow up and start paying taxes. By then, they'll be well-acquainted with how the system works 😉

    • Random

      After managing to stop gigling at this photo, this comment set me off again! astute! 🙂

      • HANK

        France Sucks

  • neutraldespot

    #3 Looks like at least two f*%ks were given that day…

    • E.V.L.

      haha nice

    • Dixie_Normous

      hahahahaha…. wait that was my reaction the first 3 times i read that above

  • Daris

    Asked for a bike. Got a bear.

    Not cool santa.

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