Kids: Not a single f#@*k was given that day (23 photos)

  • James

    #11 I actually did that as a child, all turned out well though

  • James

    Sorry #18, not 11

  • Ken


    Reticulated Pythons not indigenous to Central Park West.

  • the fapist

    #3 a prequel to upcoming meme pedodog?

  • Friday Friday

    #15 That voltron costume is awesome.

  • SaltWaterSamurai

    #14 always puts a smile on my face. Makes me want to be a kid again

  • riverjns1234567

    #23 thats how I want to go too

  • Bollyver

    #16 Does pedobear wipe with pedohare?

  • Oscar Cornejo

    #23 FTW xD

  • Alan

    #15 My money is on Voltron!

  • kevguy

    somehow i don't think this is actually sex you retard

  • Patrick Cormier

    #5 – What do you call your act!?!?!….THE ARISTOCRATS!!!!

    • Patrick Cormier



      wow fucked up that joke…derp

  • Steven

    #23 that kid is so lucky

  • Lord Dubbington

    I'm so fucking jealous of No. 20.

  • tralfaz

    #23 Can I do that?

  • Dennis

    Maybe I should get glasses, because I can´t "it".

    That´s one bizarre photo…

  • Ali

    #3 is to damn funny, first I saw the dog and the boy and was like….haha ok……then I saw the other little boy and laughed out loud in my QUIET office. Thanks chive, thanks!

  • randomly bad timing

    ok so this is obviously a pic from the 90's so there is no point in "reporting the parents" …I am guessing the kids were horsing around and harassing each other (like brothers do)…the dog jumped on the big brother to play and the little brother was mooning the big brother…such a random moment to take pictures but I kinda get why it's funny.

  • @sofakingsays

    exactly, nor did I! I was super shocked once I noticed!!!

  • Daro

    #9 He`s my hero !

  • Pepper

    #3 Clearly the kid in the back is asking for it!
    #1 At this point he realized "I may as well be raising myself!"

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