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Lauren Donavan is shooting live!

It’s finally happening. Lauren Donavan is currently in the Chive studios and it’s streaming live on theCHIVE webcam. For the next couple hours you’ll get a sneak-peak at the making of theCHIVE’s first Chivette Calendar. Lauren is awesome by the way. Really one of the nicest girls. She’ll be checking in on the live chat to say hello throughout the day.

UPDATE: Photoshoot is donezo. Thanks to the thousands of lucky people who tuned in!

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, interesting tidbits from this posting; "Lauren Donavan is currently in the Chive studios" – Donavan?? How many names does she use?? A fine reference to her multiple appearances on CollegeHumor, and a very nice quote from the lady herself; "If I had even close to 10lbs of makeup on my face (like you said in a comment to another) I would've said hell fn' no to the shoot. I have barely any make-up on in the picture above. I'm not the kind to like or wear makeup so in all honesty, it was more like 3 ounces of makeup. The same will go for the other gals as well: the Chive is about showing natural, real girls, not heavily made-up fake chicks.

    Also, no amount of photoshoots will ever make me a 'bitch'. I can't speak for the others but I've been doing this as a hobby for about 6 years and the fun that I find in it is that it is a great way to let loose and get a little wild from time to time. A person doesn't suddenly become stuck-up or any less down-to-earth because of modeling, imo.
    Guess that "I have never modeled" concept was never true.

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