Sexy as hell (26 photos)

  • JROC

    damn chive now i cant stand up

    • virtuoso09

      Did the weight of her bitties break your legs?

    • cory & trevor

      don't disrespect J to the R-O-C…it could happen to you cause it happened to me.

    • Pål

      No other guy who enjoys these photos wants to hear about your erection!

    • accidentero

      same thing here!
      OOooops! Now I have to clean up the "mess" ….

  • Fido

    Yes !

    • server upgrade!


      • HD_1981

        IT'S NOT SLOW… IT'S POPULAR…….. Come back tomorrow and check out all the Chivettes………..

        Unless your going to bitch about it then DON'T………..

        • not mad

          you mad bro?

        • server upgrade!

          the more popular a site gets the slower it runs.
          as you gain users, you upgrade your hardware.

          pretty simple.

  • Random

    #18 … still waiting for that bar to disappear ….

    • navyk9

      emma glover. youre welcome 🙂

    • plop

      emma frain

    • Kellen

      Image on the chive looks like it's cropped or otherwise censored? Tineye it.

    • HD_1981

      I didn't realize they could get so perfect…….

      Thanks Winc…..

    • Malkintosh22
  • kokokokoo


    • huye

      google search for videos ,sir.

  • wow

    wow #5

    • Dazilla

      Find her!

  • Jason


  • ranD

    #5 #11 #12 sweet lord… anyone got a name for these ladies??

    • Tony

      I think #11 is Melanie Iglesias. Maxim's Hometown Hottie winner last year

    • Avery

      I'd REALLY like to know who #12 is….

      • ranD

        scroll up about 2 lines… lol

        • ranD

          sorry hit submit too soon, meant to basically ask if she can be the same as #11 thoughts people??

          • ranD

            after a closer look i take it back, not at all the same girl. smh damn…..

            • Capn

              Isn't it Zoe Saldana?

              • ranD

                not even close. mystery girl looks latina.

    • Jordan

      #5 is Candela from supertangas :

      • Johnny

        How about a NSFW warning Jordan?

    • aleXTC


  • EastSidePaul

    #22 Absolute cracker!!

    • b-ry

      Jennifer Love?

    • The Dude

      hotest chiver EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    Can someones tell me who #24 is?

    • Ricky Nunez

      idk but I want MOAR! =)~

      • Blade

        Even I dont know, I will be hard the picture had to much Photshop…. Probably is a guys….:$

  • claimer

    #5 bunk bed post is excited

  • Joe


    • EdWood

      They actually have her!!!

      • ranD


        • ranD

          i hope people that thumbed this down know i was meaning Lauren Gentile, NOT LG girl…

          • i look at boobs

            it's not Lauren Gentile.

            • Brad

              yeah, the girl in #5 has huge fake boobs that look like they are ready to explode…

              • i look at boobs

                nor is it an LG TV.

            • ranD

              ya i know i figured that out after i posted, jumped on accident… the "they actually have her" threw me off…

    • Jordan
  • assface


  • EdWood

    Umm? #14
    Not on this or any other planet.

    • lowdown

      she is way hot, except for those retarded deformed ear lobes…….but I suppose I could get over it.

      • JoshC

        Ya, way hot except for the ear lobes.

    • charles

      of course not, not when you're GAY!

    • Um, what?

      You obviously don't know who she is. And yes, I would.
      AAC rocks, and so does she.
      Make war quietly, make love loudly!!!

      • Krystal Wulf

        Who is she? She's so sexy.

        • EdWood

          What exactly is sexy about her?
          I'd like your honest opinion.

          • Krystal's brain

            She's sexy because I am a girl, and if I say another girl is sexy, I will get 300 upvotes, so she's sexy and I am popular on this site now.

            • EdWood

              Is anything you just said true?
              Oh, and so this was all about you?
              Interesting, do tell moar!

            • Krystal Wulf

              I don't fuck girls for show. Thanks though.

              • EdWood

                You also don't get many "upvotes".
                Anyway, thanks for your honesty.

                • Krystal Wulf

                  Which wasn't my intention, I was doing the same thing that everyone else does on this site, see a girl you like and ask who she is.

                  • AeroMace

                    Yeah don't take their shit. The chivery should be there for one another, not be a bunch of judgmental assholes. I'm with you on this one, sexy as hell

                    • element

                      She's Rachel Anne Aust. She makes/welds suppressors or "silencers" for guns. She works for Advanced Armament Corp. Check out her on their website…for those of you whos not bothered by tattoos or plugs, or guns. Maybe Chive can do a post on her on their tattooed chick post???

        • navymp

          Rachel Anne Aurt…

        • Country is better

          Not sure of her name, but check out Advanced armament. They make suppressors for firearms.

      • no longer chivin

        people's comments on this site are fuckin retarded now.

        • EdWood

          You have proven your point.
          Your argument is valid.

        • WEG


          • element


    • Brad

      Did anyone else notice this this girl is the same as this one? What do you think now?

    • Rabbi

      dude shes jessica alba's doppelganger i would so shwing on that

      • Jessica

        Thats all I could think of when i saw this picture!!!

    • oughtnot

      She's cute but would be hot if she didn't have all of those tattoos … they just ruin it for me – call me shallow if you want.

      • theuncool1

        that's what i was thinking… but still really hot… (a shame though)…

      • aleXTC

        you are shallow

        • duh

          F'ing right! He's shallow for not liking something you like aleXTC. Damn him for having his own personal tastes!

      • rdh014

        She might've been cute before the artwork…

    • Yo Mamma

      She was in an original post on the Chive. Long time ago

    • Filbur

      Is she a midget?

  • harry

    this post is so good its unfair

  • Phanohogs

    #20 MOAR Please!!!!!

    • ranD

      sofia vergara. your welcome….

      • Phanohogs

        i never said thank you…..

  • data

    #23 thumbs up for a woman who will admit to enjoying cookies! 🙂

    • eddy melas

      olivia munn is a fucking goddess i wanna get those cookies

      • butt lovin

        i wanna be those cookies

    • apple-maro

      …tho she loves pie more! 😉

  • Jayavc

    #2 Which is more expensive, the woman or the car?

    • disturbed

      The woman. You can eventually pay the car off.

    • duh

      the divorce

  • Seannerz

    #1 Ashley Greene is such an underrated beauty.

    • Adam

      She is gorgeous.

    • Jimmy C

      She's one of my favorite…so sexy.

  • Dunny_

    #16 Hell yeah…Pippa and Pippa's ass…

    • ssss9999

      She's an ugmo!

      • SeaBassEX

        Beauty is only a light switch away.

        Dat ass!

    • rdh014

      She's doable…but Kate is way more smoking…

    • Billium

      Popeye Arms!!!!!

    • Bella
      Pippa in a bra.
      You're welcome.

  • Mathias_

    I'll take #3 with a side of #5 please

    • Alcheezy

      id like a full serving of both please, ill have seconds after i take a nap.

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #26 is freaking me out!

    • idunno

      my confused boner agrees.

    • HLe

      WTF! I have seen her on other site. She strips in front of web cam.

    • Guest

      This looks like the girl from here:

      Looks like she got a new tattoo in this gif, but still has that infinity symbol.

      • DanielB

        OMG! I tought she looked familiar, now all we need is a name

    • GLaDOS

      Soya, of the Suicide Girls.

  • SWG Fan

    Reminds me of a bag of Lays…can't eat just one.

  • OGMrWhite


    Sexy as hell is an understatement

    • Jesse Pilchen


  • Robi5150

    Pippa is SMOKING HOT!!!!

  • theKev

    #22 Is super sexy!

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