Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Senior H


    • Evildave


    • Terry Burke


    • Beevatron

      You completely missed the point of #21 didn't you?

    • Addam West


  • james


    • Senior H

      dumb ass

    • cookzone

      HAHA….you fail.

    • Addam West

      idiot. go away

  • Darksoul

    Yawn, I shouldn't even be here

    • TylerV

      Get out of here then. BTW Look at #43 The chick on the right has HUGE calves!!

  • thatwasfun

    #31…now am a dolphins fan

    • Trent

      Cool. I'm a boobs fan…but whatever works for you.

    • mrjimmyos

      Imma let you finish, but I've been a dolhpins fan since the beginning of time! Okay not really

    • DaddyD

      Think how much hotter she would be if she were a fan of a real football team.

      • my5tika1cll

        Only team to ever go undefeated and win Super Bowl… But I am sure you are a Packers fan until this years Super Bowl winner is determined! CHIVE ON!

    • Hich

      The only thing on Earth I love more than the Miami Dolphins are boobs. Damnit, internet, I'll never work again.

  • @mikeydangerous

    Need more of the #5 and #8 hotness!!

    • oars and scores

      yep, both those girls are sick

      • TinyTimmy

        Sick? I hope they feel better so they can get on being beautiful.

        • Kyle


          • Logan

            #5 is from an old Ralph shoot (think its Maxim in the US). I believe her name was J' taime, not because she's French but because her parents were apparently idiots. But still, praise Jesus they popped that out cos DAYUM…

            • Malkintosh22

              They named their daughter "I love"? The french are so original.

    • Hunch Backs

      Almost hunched my fucking computer screen.

    • steve

      #8 is abella anderson

      • LAZYN8R

        You sure bout that?

  • Peter Burke

    #47 Is brilliant because that's the same face so many of us make while playing an FPS or a shooter. Heck, any game for that matter. It's my favorite of the many post bin Laden posts.

    • mn11bravo

      Peter Burke, I respect your opinion and i'm going to let you finish but….#6 is one of the best memes of all time

    • dasuperfan

      really over fucking twenty something likes for a chick with tits when i saw this and only four for the death of one of the worlds biggest pieces of shit.. chivers i am disappointed

      posted by a proud MERICAN

      you bitches are lucky i can make light of this terrible error in thumbsmanship

      • Just Sayin'

        can you blame them? it's harder to masturbate over a dead guy…

        • also Just Sayin'

          … well, not that hard

      • El Chiverino

        you spelled AMERICAN wrong, you fucking retard

    • Argon Jupiter

      #47 -Is totally wrong…Grow up…

    • Franklin

      Seriously, man, it reminds me of college, when "Goldeneye" came out for N64, and everyone would sit like that for hours upon hours. Ah, the heady days of 64-bit technology.

  • farz

    damnnnn…. #2 moar please! and find her!

    • Jawsey


    • Chive_On

      This one is definitely going in the spank bank. Good god.

    • Jimmy C

      Ashton Von.

    • ogdan

      ashton von. or love renee. girl is all over if you look. has some amazing pics and some no so amazing looking.

  • Signal_Lost

    #35 – I dunno, something about her…very sexy.

    • Wayne

      Agreed. Do we have a name?

      • Wayne

        Note to self: check the entire comments before asking. Apparently, she's Marilyn Rondon.

    • Dan

      She's fucking nasty.

      • Mos

        Awww, is the little boy scared of the woman with tattoos?

  • whoodoo22

    #5 #8 #19 words are not needed.

  • Ryan

    I don't always study for finals, but when I do I wait till the absolute last minute

  • connah

    #8 i find wet hair attractive. that and breasts.

    • sammuelchase

      wet breasts are the best of both worlds

      • clickawhat

        water world is the breast of wet worlds.

        • *$@$^&

          Both worlds are the boast of wet breaths.

          • Yikes

            And this is how gossip works.

  • cass

    Hey have a great weekend =)

  • Silentrob

    #49 #27 new post "Friends"

    • greg

      the force is strong with this one

      • ranD

        obvious comment is obvious

    • dev

      that is so hottt!!!!!!!!

  • Eugene Park


    • Neil Kay

      now why the fuck has this post got 3 thumbs down?! wtf is wrong with some of you fuckwits? so a guy says 'nice' and some of you fat , no girlfriend freaks flame the guy. the chive is to full of shit like this. get a life losers.
      there rant over, bring on the flames!
      great stuff btw chive , NICE!!

      • Yikes

        Neil, you and Eugene should get a room; work out all that aggression.

  • gaz

    great week chive keep it up CHIVE ON!!!!!!!!!

  • That Guy

    #50 got to be the best pic of the decade

    • Jaeger

      try #27 instead

    • Yikes

      That's racist!

      • Paul

        What that Dick says in his speeches and then does is two different things… There are people out there that think he is great because they hear the speeches but dont pay attention to what he actually does…
        I dont give a shit what color he is…

        • Yikes

          Holy fuck. I guess the joke was too deep for you. That Guy said "got to be the best PIC of the decade". And my response was "That's racist". "Pic" is not just short for picture. Think about it. "got to be the best [insert racist word here] of the decade". Dear lord, are some of these Chivers getting more serious or just more stupid? By the way, Obama is a horrible president and I am a Republican that did not vote for the douche.

          • McBeastie

            Maybe it was just that the joke sucked balls…huh?

  • sammuelchase

    #27 this picture gets me every time, i just want to see them from the front for once

    • Yikes

      Buy a fucking kayak.

  • Greg

    #39 is total rip-off from one of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes strips. Way to be original

    • Jesse

      Strong possibility they were basing it off of that on purpose. just an idea.

    • Terry Burke

      imitation is the highest form of flattery

    • Henrik

      Thets what makes it so funny!

    • FarinaIl

      that's true, but this is something I can do with my kids. I try to encourage that type of humor.

    • Yikes

      Greg, have in the hell did you happen upon the Chive, you fuck wit?

  • MellMurda

    #5 Who is she? Find Her!!!!! Simply gorgeous

  • BobbyBob

    Yawn.. Tell some b!tches to fill the gap please.. then they'll have a chest worth looking at.
    Why some women want to fit a 2×4 between their breasts absolutely confuses me.

    • Trent


      • name

        No you, nothing sexy about a boob gap.

        • here


    • Alanna

      It absolutely confuses me why you think anyone gives a shit about your limp-dick opinion. No girl is trying to impress you. Trust me. Now shut up and make me a samwhich.

    • ranD

      sorry ill have to stop titty fuckin all the girls i meet

  • Andrew Campbell


    • Dan

      That picture should be stupid. Instead, it's actually pretty awesome.

  • MacNCheesePro

    #5 #18 #19 made my week MUCH better!

  • @ScottCO09

    #16 Find.

    • TinyTimmy

      Eww – no.

      • Ripple

        ya there's a rule on no tutu's i believe

  • simon

    #2 #24

    refund gap, not good.

    • simon is stupid

      this isnt the dirty loser, are you claiming they aren't hot? gtfo

  • Shiyan

    #30 Anyone else notice that the front sight is upside down?

    • Alphanumeric

      The front sight AND the front hand guard.

      • Guest

        AR-15….He's doing it wrong!

    • Dante

      yep I saw that………

    • moartits

      it's a fake…

    • Melanie

      REALLY!?! And I was just going to slip him my phone number. Denied again. CRAP!

      • Shiyan


    • Dan

      You don't need a front site if you're going full auto in a small room, people. 🙂

    • Yikes

      That makes the picture that much scarier. Mother fucker doesn't give a shit.

    • MattP.

      That was the first thing I noticed about Mr. Douche Bagge. The second thing was his finger on the trigger, a big no-no.

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