Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • bkfrijoles

    Must Find #8

    • Justin

      #8 is Angie varona.

  • Jason Dean

    #5 – I'm getting all sweaty and I'm not even close to working out

  • Terry Burke

    i, along with the rest of the chivers, would greatly appreciate it if you could find #8 as soon as possible, please. i am prepared to write a check for any amount. tho i don't recommend trying to cash it, but it's the thought that counts right?

    • Justin

      You can find moar of her at

      • justin is wrong

        not her dude

  • EnragedGonad

    #30….Front sight much?

  • #2out if control hot!!


  • SuperiorTo8

    #13 there are no words for how freaky and awesome that photo is

  • SuperiorTo8

    #1 the way he's holding that gun.. I would love to see his face if it went off

    • jimbojones

      He'd be much more comfortable holding it against his moobs.

  • Patrick

    Fun fact, #34 actually applies to me. The bastard died on my birthday. It was a pretty sweet present from America though.

  • The_Bandit

    I still think William chose the wrong sister here….

    • Terry Burke

      they're both hot but yeah, pippa is hotter

  • orylolol

    anyone know #35 who is she, find her!

  • Tee-Boz

    #47,The Playstation network goes down, Obama takes care of the real bad guys! Well played sir!

  • chefrob73

    right as I saw#49 I did #50

  • McSgwigga

    #27 wins forever

  • leocast

    #35 is marilyn rondon and she should be a chivette. Make it happen chive.

    • Wayne

      Alas, if only this had been on the first page. Nevertheless, thank you, kind sir.

  • OneEndedStick

    #7 Cracks me up every time!!

  • Ryan

    WHO IS #24

  • diebs

    #27 that is all

  • Kilrbee

    #40 might be really hot if she ever WASHED HER FEET!!! What’s up with that?

    • Quarryman32

      Pretty sure that's Lauren Gentile (on the left) from yesterday's calendar shoot. Really, really hoping #40 isn't the best outtake we're going to be treated to!

    • Lauren Gentile

      I'm pretty sure I wash my feet on a daily basis. Those things are made for touching the ground, afterall. 😉
      They got a good scrubbing after that day, I swear. 😉

      • 93GT

        heh, she told you. i think it's funny that THAT was what you were focused on.

    • Will

      There are feet in this picture?

  • imyourhuckleberry

    #8 is not angie varona. not sure who it is, but its not angie

  • Kaptyn

    MUST FIND #2

  • Matt

    All in good fun, but #32 maybe isn't necessary. Not the best topic to make fun of, don't you think?

  • RiCO

    #8 . I think that's Abella Anderson, porn actress! 🙂

    • orion

      ive studied much of her work. Definitely not her

  • chimz

    find her #8

  • James

    #5 #8 #19 #27 all share one thing in common……

  • SWG Fan

    #40 I'd lick her feet clean for a chance to kiss that sweet ass.

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