Firepower Afternoon Randomness (32 Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  • Kodos

    #29 RESPECT
    #30 PRIDE
    #31 Thank you, BRIGADE..

    • disturbed

      Agreed and amen.

    • mongoose

      And HONOR…

  • Anakrusix


  • Jimmy5923

    #31 good choice , bravo.

    • The Mad Zak

      We don't need to see a pic. We know he's at the bottom of the Indian ocean.

  • Pablo3520

    Thanks to all of our Military service members out there. To SEAL team #6, we salute you. Thanks risking yours to protect and avenge ours.
    #31 Thank you Brigade.

  • That Guy

    #31 and that makes you a man worth respecting. God bless this site.

  • AeroMace


    BRAVO sir… And thank you for your work on this site

  • Jay

    #11 looks shopped. Can't be sure though.

  • Tatt


    Could you talk to the Chive please.

    • Paul

      Ya what is up with the Chive? Send in the seals…..maybe

  • josh

    #28 well put

    • Alvaro

      Lance Meadows Posted on I been telling meylsf since last night I think I want to go for a jog this evening; its been a while . This post must be a sign that I really do need to throw on my running shoes also and hit the track (especially since I missed National Running Day) tonite. Thanks for the inspiration Leslie!

  • Dash

    Just an observation Rick – your last comment on never posting a photo of OBl – (referring to a death pic I assume?) Didn't you kinda violate that in your May 2 fake death photos post under the wtf section? Just sayin'…Regardless – keep up the great work

  • Poololololol

    #31 there was a pic of Bin Laden in the links below…. 😦

  • unknown

    #5 twinke lol #6 gogogogogogogo #14 don't get in his way lol #23 enter the worp hole befor it disipers #30 fuckin taricts

  • Keith Whitmore

    In picture #14, if you want to impress me. Stack those boards or whatever is shown on top of each other. With no spacing at all. In all actuality the person is only breaking 2 boards this way. The spacing helps with the breaking. Many moons ago when I was in Viet Nam I had this Korean instructor. The guy had no neck and hands that could kill. He was up breaking 32– 1/2" fired clay tiles, stacked on top of each other, no spacing. At the time I could only break 2 1/4" myself, but I was only under his tutelage for 6 months. Before I was rotated stateside.

  • Swarley

    #2 #3 #24

  • Rick

    I stand corrected, I did the "fake Bin Laden photos post". In all honesty, I would have posted the real photos of his death. But after taking time to think about it, I realized why should I put that POS on the site. Some times you have to reflect on a situation to make a better decision. On a lighter note. Any one know a good way to replace dead pixels in photoshop? #10

    • Jimmy5923

      #10 is photoshopped? looks legit to me…

  • Yoda

    Well done on another good selection mate. Best site on the net. As far as Bum Laden is concerned I think Churchill's comment from WWII is quite apt.

    "This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But it may be the end of the beginning."

    Well done to all troops. You're making the world a better place.

  • Alex

    #31 don't post OBL picture, it's good he's gone but more will come

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