No sexy Chivers among us–take some sexy redheads as consolation (43 Photos)

I’m sorry for your loss today, Chivers. I hope this in some small way helps…

  • drc

    #8 FTW

    • jdb

      She looks good but is it fake? It kinda looks fake. Like a Mannequin.

      • webcom

        I thought it was a high-tech Japanese sex doll.

        If so, where can they be ordered? And does the warranty cover heavy use damage?

        • EdWood

          lol. no, but it does cover small prick pinholes.

          • El Chiverino


  • GB1

    FTW – 26!

  • GB1


  • Drew

    #10 #23


  • Redisgood

    #16 Just plain WOW

  • Rick


  • Hich


    Lindy Booth FTW!

  • TrollFaceKillah


  • P90

    #11 Oh god no, she looks like my mum in old pics I seen of her, seriously.

    • El Chiverino

      Well then why are you still fapping to the pic?

      • EdWood

        Okay, that's pretty funny.
        Good one, El.

    • TrollFaceKillah

      lol Id do dirty things to your mom then

      • P90

        She's in her fifties now, but I'll ask if you want.

        • EdWood

          Go ahead and ask.
          By the way.
          What was your answer to the 1st question?

  • Rebel_Soul

    #22 Just lifted me out of a no sexy Chivers day. She is stunning

  • Thomas Allen Sampson

    MOAR #3 PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    #3 #4 #17 #25 PLEASE FIND THEM

  • always lol

    lol i LIKE 23 youtube video and am friends with 2 on facebook

    • Jacksansjill

      Oh yeah?! Well #26 follow ME on Twitter.

      • Jacksansjill


  • Rusty_Dreams

    #10 #1 #7 #25 #26 are all perfect for me!! MOAR! #10 FTW!

  • DuWey

    #5 Find Her!!!

    • reddeadguy


  • Jimmy5923

    #7 seems legit no photoshop

  • bull1123

    Shit fellas, you really outdid yourselves this time!!!

    P.S.~ Ever think of doing a "pigtails post"? I know
    I can't be the only one who thinks they are super sexy…

    • grrregg

      Throw in ponytails too.

  • the frenchman

    These help. #4 #7

  • wyatt

    MOAR OF #38!!!!! pretty please with a cherry on top!

  • kodakkid

    are the redhead gene and the bodacious tata gene the same gene

    • EdWood

      So it would seem.

  • Bob

    #8 and #41 awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ush

      #41 is Amy Childs from The Only Way is Essex.. a show in the UK

  • willkm75

    Red heads are gonna be the death of me I luv them soooo much #10 & #17 r my fav..dont get me wrong I love all of them

  • bob the builder

    This is no doll, this is Jennie June

    • EdWood

      thanks, Bob,

      • Guy

        Way too much Photoshop. I bet she doesnt need it.

  • Alan

    Sorry I yelled at you chive.

  • JAS

    crimson and clover, over and over

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