No sexy Chivers among us–take some sexy redheads as consolation (43 Photos)

I’m sorry for your loss today, Chivers. I hope this in some small way helps…

  • thing

    that's why I married one

  • Guest

    I don't know how on earth #21 wasn't mentioned more. Utterly gorgeous.

  • bored855

    dear #6. thank you for being you. I do believe my heart skipped a beat and I hate to admit, but I kinda held my breath also.

  • BobbyBob

    Could do better.. some 6 of these chicks look cross-eyed.
    I do love me some Felicia Day (#20) tho.. She's sexy as hell,
    can act AND sing:

  • BoomGoesTheDynamite

    Wow. #11 you are beautiful. Chive, do the right thing. Find her.

  • Andrew Campbell

    as a redhead, i love redheads! unfortunately, ive never had the pleasure of dating one. why? because those girls are CRAAAZZZY. (in bed) lol

  • Jason Dean


  • kyoshizen

    For the love of all that is Holy, there is no hotter combination than a redhead with freckles and green eyes. #14
    But a Blonde with big, brown puppy dog eyes is a close second.

  • Meme MeDerp

    Find #42 please, i have a feeling she would be the hottest on the list!!

  • colin

    #38 # 39 FTW

  • drChimera

    Find #3, Find #3 STAT

  • Vij

    #21 is amazing

  • gdm426

    #6 & #21 need to be found ASAP

  • name

    #20 Finally, Felicia Day in Sexy RedHeads!

  • -RA

    #6 is jaw dropping

  • thechevron

    Amy Childs, though she usually looks better than this.

  • bill

    luv redheads.hotttttt.

  • Brian

    No Sexy Chivers?


    Wait a sec…..Oh….Damn!



  • clungebeast

    WTF!?! I sent you a picture of Alex Sim-Wise one of the sexist red heads on the planet and you don't use it? And where is the Doctors assistant Karen Gillian; Redhead, Scottish and Sexy!!!!! You're lucky these will do in the time being!!!

  • Pat

    cannot stress this enough please find her!!

  • Bud Ugly

    #34 – looks a tad like Rachel McAdams… with red hair, of course.

  • Midwest Chiver

    All i can say is thnx Chive except #19 don't like teh latex

  • Ryan

    who is #3 can anyone make out the spelling in the corner of the picture?

    • ThatGuy i believe. People are saying shes a porn star, which they probably mean Kylee Strutt, but i dont think its her anyway. She needs to be though, damnit!

  • Tom Staples

    #3.. something about her cleavage just looks odd..

  • putnam120

    Why yes Nike, if #41 gave me the chance I would "just do it".

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