The royal wedding threw a little after-party of their own (13 Photos)

  • MikeL71

    Fake, but still funny!

  • HerroPrease

    Just uh, throwing this out there. These weren't actual photos of the reception or whatever. Some artist did it, used look-a-likes and took a bunch of blurry photos.
    Disclaimer from the site: "DISCLAIMER: The content presented here is completely fictious and created using lookalike actors and not the real celebrities"

  • simon


    you can tell its fake cos theres a black guy there…

  • gifted_beatnik

    David :"you know i scored a goal from behind the half-way line once."
    Kate: "yeah and you also cost us the world cup one year too!"
    David: "…….."

  • Chewbacca

    #11 Dancing Queen! Feel the beat from the tambourine!

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  • Allenavw

    #10 Haha, that is clearly not Kate Middleton. I would have believe the one of Prince Harry though.

  • Kobaje

    A gentleman does not conga.

  • Dick LeGrande

    #4, "Oh dear god I fucked up, I can't believe I got married!! I mean shes a great lay and everything but… head for the rest of my life?……DAMN!!

  • chong

    this is all fake

  • Matt

    Fake, but funny. Well done, i say.

  • Yuppo

    but it looks so real?!!

  • harryprice

    quick an d easy way to know its fake is that the dress on kate isnt the one she wore to teh wedding and i doubt she woud stop and put another gown on… doubtfull… fake…

    • Beldar

      It frightens me that you actually know which dress she wore.

  • florist

    Royal wedding seems glamorous, the images are gorgeous and it closely represents the splendid moments of the occasion.

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