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  • Adam

    Hudson: [Knowing that the Aliens are close, Hicks and Vasquez are welding the door shut] Movement. Signal's clean. Range, 20 meters.
    Ripley: They've found a way in, something we've missed.
    Hicks: We didn't miss anything.
    Hudson: 17 meters.
    Ripley: [Checking the tracker] Something under the floor, not in the plans, I don't know.
    Hudson: 15 meters.
    Newt: Ripley.
    Hicks: Definitely inside the barricades.
    Newt: Let's go.
    Hudson: 12 meters.
    Ripley: That's right outside the door. Hicks, Vasquez get back.
    Hudson: Man, this is a big fuckin' signal.
    Hicks: How are we doing Vasquez, talk to me?
    Vasquez: Almost there.
    [They welded the door shut, and stepped back away from the door]
    Vasquez: There right on us.
    Hicks: [Waiting for the Aliens] Remember, short controlled bursts.
    Hudson: 9 meters. 7. 6.
    Ripley: That can't be; that's inside the room.
    Hudson: It's reading right man, look!
    Hicks: Then you're not reading *it* right.
    Hudson: 5 meters, man. 4. What the hell?

    • none

      ….wow….I thought I knew this movie well…..

    • Corey

      That was an awesome scene.

  • bob
  • none

    ….wow I thought I was the only one who memorized this movie, but nevermind……

  • Zed

    "Good idea. Bishop should go…"

  • boolean

    Gorman: Morning, Marines. I'm sorry we didn't have time to brief you people before we left Gateway, but…
    Hudson: Sir?
    Gorman: What is it, Hicks?
    Hudson: Hudson, sir.
    Hudson: He's Hicks.

  • InThePipe5by5

    #17 what the what?

    • Rick

      don't ask me, I'm pretty sure she should be there

    • EvilDungBeetle

      "You tell me man, I only work here"
      Seemed appropriate and pertinent

  • Rondo

    Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen!

  • Rick

    good call

  • Sampsun

    You guys missed a good one. Why don't you put her in charge!

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