Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • That Guy

    #3 the kid better learn the hover hand before it stops being cute.

  • Crusader

    #7 Reminds me of an old joke, why don't blind people sky dive? A: Because it scares the hell out of their dog.

  • MacNCheesePro

    #17 He's actually pissed at oil drilling for getting him covered in oil and needing the Dawn treatment.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #2 now what dum ass did this to that car..my god…

  • buuillis

    #19 are those a bunch of do…OH SHITT!

  • sammuelchase

    #20 a perfect spot for new chive HQ?

  • the blue people

    #11 in HD please. could be an epic wallpaper (I know I'll use it)

  • Johnny Two Toes

    #1 and #18 are of the same contraption. I've slept in one numerous times, they're sooper comfy

  • Bob

    #4…I would love to live here. It would be awesome to banish someone to the other island.
    #7…This person should have their dog taking from them. Isn't this some kind of abuse??

  • The El Conquistador

    #15 8 Bit bike…

  • BHZolo

    #20 source?

  • Will

    #14 Nothing like home sweet home

  • duffman0313

    #19 Locals Only Bra…

  • Carlos SLB

    #16 get a real job!!!!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/lewisbarry92 Barry Lewis

    I think that tent hanging from the tree, (pic 1), is on the surface a pretty cool idea. But, what happens in an electrical storm and God forbid, lightening hits that tree. Are ya toast? My guess is yes…crispy critter!

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