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Mind the Gap Monday (27 photos)

Attn Chivers: We want to make ‘Mind the Gap’ a weekly staple but believe it or now, there is a shortage of quality ‘gap’ pics out there and we need your help. If you have any sexy ‘gap’ pics, please send them to thechivesubmit[at]


com or use our handy submit page and be sure to put “mind the gap” in the subject line. Chive On!

  • Bob

    #19…Yes, YEs, YES!!!!!!!

  • Brad Stevens

    #9 nuff said

  • Nova79

    #8 is ssoooooooooooooooooooo perfecto !!!

  • top dog

    #10, We use to call that sunshine booty. Thats when you know it's good.

  • RustyxTrombone

    #12 deep in the heart of texas.

  • RustyxTrombone


  • manofabsinthe

    Top 3:
    1) #7
    2) #19
    3) #23

  • King Wenceslaus

    #6 and #9 deserve far MOAR.

    Natasha Yi is 6, allegedly — who's 9?

  • AnthonySyl

    #4 made me actually lol. #9 #15 and #23 are going to make me walk funny while finishing out my day at work.

  • JPV

    #4 really should have been the last photo, just to F with us

  • Gus

    #6 DAMN!!!! That is all.


    #6 #9 #15

  • northerner

    #8, ah, yes. Number ate, I mean 8, is deliciously beautiful.
    #19, oh, those open-leg, down-the-bow shots are so hot.
    #27, yes, indeedy! Do like coming in from the rear…such a wonderful view of everything awesome!

  • northerner

    #27, In fact, Chive, we MUST see moar of that lovely tush!

  • eyegone

    dear wife,
    running away with #19 and #26. have a nice life.
    your former husband

  • Dino The-dinosaur

    #21 clearly, outright winner followed very closely by #20.
    Bases covered.
    Bravo chivettes the world would be a horrible place without you all.

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  • DallasMike

    Airbrushed gaps don't cut it — WE NEED ALL NATURAL CHIVETTE GAP!!!!

  • Holy Smokes

    #7 must be an onion cause it’s making me cry…

  • banks

    #6 Holy Crap!!!! Amazingly HOT!!

  • David

    #24 is claudia bahamon, guys you must google her.


    i told #27 to stop sneeking into my room from the window i have a front door!!!!!

  • Punkd

    PLEASE tell me the name of the girl in number 9!!!

  • betterman
  • Greg

    #3 nice clit bump…

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