These guys crack me up, this is part 1 of "McKeagle used cars" (Video)

“Preston McKeagle”, I am Specialist Patrick West, “Phil N. McKeagle” is Specialist John Myers, and the unseen mastermind and cameraman is Specialist Davon Ottey. We are with the 105th MP Co. out out of Buffalo, NY. We are currently in Kuwait, and will be heading to Iraq shortly.
You guys keep sending ’em and I will post them.
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  • Bill Finegan

    Hey Preston-

    I'm not sure about you guys. Sounds like a "bait and switch" to me. Why didn't you ever show the hotties in the hot tub?

    Do you take trade in's? I was looking to upgrade into one of them new hybrid things. Maybe your mechanic can pimp my vintage AMC Pacer- swap out the engine with a diesel genset… or a deep fat fryer. I'm also lookin for keyless entry, and maybe some badass gull wing doors. Can you do it?

    Bill from Philly

  • Allan K. Jarencio

    That is funny. Still, I don't think I'll be doing anything like that to my car. It was great that I found it among the used cars for sale in ny, so I'm taking good care of it.

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