German Children’s book, a real WTF life lesson for your 5 year-old (19 Photos)

  • Peter Lewis

    ok, wtf is that about! lol (first)

    • Jaeger

      My interpretation is that it's an allegory (or an extended metaphor) for how lost and abandoned animals have to travel through a great deal in order to find an appreciative owner. We should cherish and take care of those tortured animals because they've been through a lot.

      • Anthony

        very smart guy (you), i actually didint understand the story till you said this now i do like it!

    • master

      It means you are a giant douche for trying to slip in your (first),

    • Bum Bum

      its about a cat that shoots sharks and wears ghost pants

  • jgencinc


  • Derrick Smith

    They grown 'em different in Germany.

    • Kaput

      Straight from hitler's collection?

    • fuzzybeard2016

      With lemon and dill weed.

    • King Wenceslaus


  • echogeo

    Not quite sure how to respond to this one. It would be better served on Cat-urday.

    • Concerned Citizen

      What happened to 'Behind the Scenes Saturday'? I dig those. Please do not cancel.

  • WTF

    Too much WTF for a Monday!

  • Dahm

    WTF indeedd

  • carlo

    wtf!!! cool!

  • Verruckt

    Wait what?

    • juggernaut

      thumbs up for what i'm assuming was a norm macdonald reference

  • SteelPenguin

    Dwight Schrute is amused.

    • That Guy

      Dwight Schrute wrote it.

      • Brah

        With the help of Mose, of course.

  • Rusty

    … and that's how I got my cat. At gunpoint.

  • Biggus Diccus

    Yep, the Germans are crazy

    • Poodle of death

      I'm from Germany and its a big WTF for me too. This book isn't representative for our children's books.

  • mimesscareme

    WTF> I think i hurt my neck shaking my head. but then I ate a catshark and i am full of knowledge now.

  • doublemeat

    I saw nekkid people.

  • Ava

    #19 at least it has a happy ending.

    • gnocco

      until the cat takes you away to kill you out of misplaced rage and takes your house

  • DNA

    Wow, What a morbid story….

  • name

    Actually, I am born in Germany. THIS is definitely not the sort of book I grew up with.

    All I have to say is "WTF?!", too.

    • evan

      NAZI!!! GET HIM!!!

      • zach

        stupid troll is stupid

    • hein

      I was also born and raised in Germany. There were a TON of "child storys" where people die and other crazy stuff. For example Hansel and Gretel where two children get abandoned in a forest by there father and are almost eaten by a witch. So this is totally the kind of book i grew up on 😀

    • for realsies

      That actually comforts me a bit to find out.

  • Herr

    # 15 lots of nudity.

    • B991

      haven't noticed 😀 hahahaha

  • Nevenem

    good theme for movie!

    • chaz

      somebody get Pixar on the phone

  • MoistSnuff

    What's wrong with that story?????

  • Will

    what the hell….

  • Armando R. Nevarez

    THE CAT kill it with FIRE!

    • Vagina Jones

      Over (and improperly) used meme, kill your self, kill yourself with FIRE! (Irony noted)

  • Benjamin

    *rofl* I'm German too and I totally agree with "name". This is definitely NOT a typical children's book in Germany! Very "WTF" indeed!

    • Gevth

      1 Word: Struwwelpeter.

      • peter

        struwwelpeter… awesome.. loved it! don't suck on your thumb! thats what the story tells the kids 🙂

    • evan


  • Your Mom

    Best Story Ever!!!!!

    Cats, Sharks, Guns, Pirates…. I mean what else could you want?

    • pingpong

      what ever award they give to children's book, this should get it!

    • GK-4

      I want Sense

  • bennyboy
  • Jessica Condrey

    So…if he ate the shark who ate his brothers and sisters, would he also be a cannibal? 0__0

    • aleXTC

      lol reminded me of —

    • DaddyD


    • B991

      Maybe the shark shitted his family on the ocean… 😛 that way he wasn't a cannibal 😀 hahahaha

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