German Children’s book, a real WTF life lesson for your 5 year-old (19 Photos)

  • Piston Dave

    The story of my life

  • JohnDoGood

    the story sounds legit.

  • Matthias

    I was born and raised in Germany and my mother had some strange books…but this is the biggest WTF I have ever seen in childrens books.
    For all Americans : Nearly NO one in Germany knows who Dr. Seuss is 😉

  • Wade Wilson

    That's like implying that since we eat cows, we're vegetarians…because cows are vegitarians.

  • Matt

    There is a penis drawn in the beach scene. Yeah, let’s show that to kids.

  • Eric Lopez

    Somehow i'm not surprised its German.

  • tobi

    As a German: whats most confusing here is that Matt notices the penis before the tits in the beach scene…

  • fabster

    The famous german children's book author FK Waechter… 😉
    More bad news, the Onion is not really a newspaper… and wait till you here about santa…

    For all german chivers a quick refresh of your general education. FK Waechter is one of Germany's most prominent satirists and cartoonists. He drew for magazines like pardon and Titanic…

  • lance_b

    WtF… your problem with nudity….i mean seriously everybody has genitals….even kids know that

  • Neil Kay

    that was ace! gonna but that book for my little german niece. good find chive!

    • Neil Kay

      i meant buy that book!

  • Khaqan Javaid

    Very crazy story! It had me blinking & wondering… then it struck me, how blessed I am that I never had to read such a story back in the day 😀

  • KnowsGerman

    Um yeah. Translations were all wrong but it was at least amusing.

  • kablooey

    There's a Chinese version, wherein the cat's siblings wind up in the Chicken Lo Mein.
    The Germans truly are friggin' freaks.

  • Susanna

    Yeah I didn't grow up with this one but German children's books definitely aren't as soft and cuddly as American ones are. Just look up Struwwelpeter. That shit haunts my dreams.

  • Cheech24

    Haha I looked it up on Amazon from BennyBoys link, lol the reviews are all "My little kids loves it!, a sweet story" I just don't understand.. remind me not to mess with people from Germany! lol

  • Deb

    As a German teacher, this book is new to me, but there's an interesting bio on wikipedia on the author who apparently was a well-known cartoonist & children's book author. The story is weird but also thought-provoking.

  • Insane2U

    Where is that beach at?

  • mimi

    Great story! The moral of this storyl, is that cats always find their way back home..ha ha ha.

  • :`(

    That's sad…

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