Malibu’s finest. Your tax dollars at work. (8 HQ photos)

While driving the beautiful PCH up to San Francisco a few weeks ago, I blew by a cop and noticed something I decided to turn around and investigate. What I found was straight out of Super Troopers.

  • Clarke Baldwin

    These are used all over the world as speeding deterrents. They are incredibly effective.

  • Antonio Arbelaez

    Hey gorgeous, you catch any speeders today? *spits tobacco*


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  • brian

    I believe this should say "Dummies dressed as cops" not "cops dressed as dummies". that would be….well….dumb.

  • Steveinconverse

    I guess folks would rather it be a real cop writing real tickets?

  • Huat

    Yea its nothing new, I can remember how they used to put these Fake Cops up in Poland 15 years ago. But there even the cars were fake and made out of cartboard in 2D xD

  • Paul H

    *sigh* guys its part of a speed trap, most people accelerate after seeing an officer in their vehicle because they don't expect the police presence to exceed one cruiser in their immediate area. The actual officer is probably about 100 yards away with a radar device ticketing the idiots who are probably all laughing and calling the police stupid. Who's the "dummy" now?

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