Reliquaries, mosques, temples & churches -sculpted from bullets. (45 photos)

These badasses sculptures were carefully constructed bvy San Francisco artist, Al Farrow. Check out his website HERE to learn more.

Artist, Al Farrow website

  • oX_Animal_Xo

    This post is of the highest caliber! ^_^ I enjoy art, although I don't have the patience to create it myself. I wonder if this will go on display anywhere?

  • OneClownShoe

    These are really…(tries to remove glasses but pokes self in the eye)…on target.

  • the_junglist

    I dig how linked some of the weapons and structures with the nationalities that use them. Nice touch!

    Is #45 Sabot Tank Rounds? Wonder where he got those.

  • denzino

    now that is some creativity… #38

    • GK-4

      Where do you get all those Lugers?

  • willkm75

    That dude is Bad Ass, that shit is amazing

  • Birdhaus32

    The detail alone is just amazing. Some I had to look twice to notice there was a pistil or a barrel in it

  • top dog

    #39, #40 and #45, I like the artwork, but I'am not sure what his message is. I mean I have a guess but, I would perfer to hear it from the artist.

  • sureman123

    very cool.. i like this better than the toothpick stuff

  • twk

    its pretty cool but a littlet warped or sadistic

  • Toren Reaves

    I feel like this is a lot of very difficult work for no fucking reason….

    • Kim

      Welcome to the art world.

  • Bob

    This seems wrong to me, and I'm not even religious.

  • orangewhip

    this post is awesome, and totally nails home how much i suck.

  • Ferret

    To correct you all Hitler and the Third Reich (SS mainly) practiced Occultism a form of paganism/ Babylonian. Just look at there symbolism, the cross was a pagan symble way befor it was Christian. For any of you that dont know all Babylonian religion it is all Sun worship. And Occultism worships the fallen star Lucifer.

  • Lia

    Finally! A good use for bullets! I wonder how much they weigh?

  • Chiveroni

    Violence isn't coming from religion, religion is used as a mask for violence. Even the crusades were more about greed than religion. It was about trade routes, land for nobles extra kids (only the first usually inherited) and straight up plunder.

  • vahung

    I remember having to make a paper board model of the first one for my Architecture 100 class. Mine pales in comparison to this bullet model x.x

  • Volley <3

    This is really impressive, but also scary.
    I like!

  • Greatscott

    this is my church

  • James

    Religion it's brought peace to a world torn apart by religion.

    p.s.for guns, against religion

  • Khaqan Javaid

    Simply amazing! I didn't quite understand why is the mosque blown up? Every house of worship is a house of god, equally respected & cherished. Apart from the blown up mosque… that art is astounding!!

  • Wedgism

    Goes to show… NO RELIGION = NO WAR

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