Animated Gifs to tickle your funny bone (10 GIFs)

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  • Haterade


  • buuillis

    #6 pre-fit Patty?

  • Lew

    #7 His dick is at his knee and pointing up?

    • hamill

      exactly what i was thinking

  • Signal_Lost

    #9 That's racist – I kinda miss Wondershowzen. That show was hilariously messed up. No wonder it was on late at night.

  • TZJ

    Fix #2 pls =(

  • Chris

    #4 lol this is an add in New Zealand.
    Was more funny when I used to do it 8 years ago

  • Matt Hamilton

    #4 is from an ad in New Zealand advertising an energy drink called "Lift Plus, Sharpen Up". The girl in the background is in another ad where they pretend to leave the house and call the phone and she comes out naked to answer it.

  • Tim

    #6 is Rick Kosick, one of the supporting cast members of Jackass. The clip is from the dildo launcher scene in Jackass 3D.

  • pen_lemon

    #8 gezzusss!!
    #6 that is my most deathly weapon

  • Andy

    Yea #4 was an ad here in NZ, if you wanted to get a better look at the girl. That should be the shower ad.

  • Hayden

    #4 is from a lift plus ad that plays in New Zealand

    cant remember who the chick is….

  • That Guy

    #7 i know what this is suggesting but what the fuck kind of dick do they think the prince has? a hook dick?

  • fuse

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  • JOhnny FEVER

    #7 you know thats fake…why was the bride smilling as she walked down the aisle "she knew she had given her last BJ"

  • Larsy From-Marsy

    #4 is from a New Zealand TV comercial for an energy drink called Lift plus – Catch phrase is "Sharpen up"
    SO the hot chick will be a New Zealander if that helps

  • #387

    Time for a royal club flush!

  • elena

    #11 WTF!!!!

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