Glasses Girl has been found (14 Photos)

After weeks of incorrect speculation, the mysterious 'Glasses Girl' has finally been found. Her name is Frieda Rose, an Australian student and teacher. The person who sent me these photos claims to know her and says she's one of the sweetest girls she's ever met. Enjoy...

  • Random

    #11 work that flower print dress

    • DCBizzle

      I have bad news for you…

  • Brandon

    #7 nice gap!

    • Kyle

      I am more interested in finding the large one behind her

    • Holmes, John

      Not a gap. Learn what it is, please.

      • Tillman

        Chive doesnt know, so all the kids just repeat what they see here. Chive is fuckin up what a gap is

    • Andy

      I was thinking photo bomb!

    • Rusty


    • humptus

      #7 is good for the photobomb post too 😀

  • monkeynipples


  • BoobiesMakeMeSmile

    …holy shitballs

    • Dirty Dingus

      She's definitely hot…but the best photo, by far, is still the first one with the glasses. That's the only one that starts to show any bit of personality and not just a kangaroo in the spot lights.

  • El BrandO

    #6 Good fucking God.

    • El BrandO

      On second thought… #13 is nothing to sneeze at either. I'm going down under to find her.

    • b-ry

      she kinda looks like Cher in this pic.

      • b-ry

        #6 that is

    • Dragon

      I agree. MORE SMILES 🙂

  • VampJenn

    #14 wish this was a close up so we could see her smile. she is adorable

    • BSmike

      And +1 for being a Sox fan!!

    • Xsoldier2000

      She's in Boston, wearing a Red Sox shirt…. what could be better!

      • El Chiverino


    • shuttlekak

      i hate it when women ruin my day with a red sox shirt on

      • M.S.

        lost total interest in her with the sox shirt

    • Jeff

      She is hot and a part of Red Sox Nation! Love this girl!!

  • ROK247

    england's prison is doin' it rite brudda!

    • Ryan

      All I could say was good goddamn.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Looks like her sammich is still missing….

    • TitoRigatoni

      That's fine, it would've been a Vegemite sammich anyway.

  • Dave

    Too much makeup

    • b-ry


    • Grossy

      funny, if you don't like a chick here, all of the 8th graders vote you down. So afraid not to be a part of the pack…effin hilarious

      • Dave

        I know. I didn't even say I didn't like her. I said she was wearing too much makeup. Which is a very clear from the photos. Maybe people like that, but I don't.

  • Dan

    #7 Nice gap… Love the legs.

    • Holmes, John

      Not a gap.

      • sparkyinfla

        'mind the gap', yes, nice gappage!

        • Spawnofachilles

          Not a gap.

  • Scribbles

    Glasses girl isn't wearing her glasses. Bullshit!

    • Edward

      lol agreed

    • HolyBalls

      I dont really fukin care about her glasses

    • TitoRigatoni

      She's very cute, but she doesn't look like Glasses Girl. At all.
      I am voting Bullshit as well.

  • JFB

    She is not very attractive in my opinion.

    • Surf and Snow


      • Bil-E-Bob

        Same. Seems like most of these photo's are brushed. Other than the one with the tanning lotion. Show us a morning self pic, and opinions will change.

    • Wait ... what?

      Are you out of your flippin' mind?

  • Twinners

    Looks a LOT like a younger Ivanka Trump!

    • Allenavw

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

      • HANK

        Ivanka is so hot

  • Krystal Wulf

    #2 whoa

    • dbones

      whoa to you, Ms Wulf!

  • miles

    Jesus those australians.. wow.

  • @mja1485

    #4 Nice body #6 She is simply beautiful

  • mitter78

    #9 … those eyes

    • kiss wood

      those lips

  • Brad

    she looks like Trump's daughter, Ivanca or whatever…


    can i take her home to mom?

  • Josh

    #14 the Red Sox shirt kills it for me

    • BostonFitty13

      I know what you mean. Being a Sox fan, the hottest girl in the world would look like a hag in a yankees shirt. I think she should meet us halfway and wear no shirt at all.

    • Motte

      100% agreed. As an Angels fan, this completely ruins it.

    • Justin

      GO SOX!

  • lando

    yeah i'm tired of girls on this site. can we switch entirely to kittens?

  • Derrick Smith

    I think I need to get my glasses..because I don't see her glasses,

  • wztarheel

    #9 Very nice.

    • Haterade

      mouthbreathing is hot these days.

  • Brian


    That's it, I'm movin' down under!

  • Paula_

    Any way your mother can unbirth you?

    Enough with the pointless nagging about Chivettes.

    – Chivettes FTW

    • name

      First up-thumbed comment ever?

    • DeuceBrew

      Glad you got your account back. That was pretty douchey of that dude.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      I'm getting tired of all the negative comments. Negativity is not a trait of a true Chiver. Take a lesson from Paula, yes she's a troll but she trolls with class and style.

      Ackbar does not approve.

      • El Chiverino

        Waahhhh, people are saying not nice things about other people that post pics on the site… Waaahhh, only flowers and sunshine here…. waaahhhh
        Aren't you mister "It's a trap" when ugly chicks end up on the site? I think calling ugly chicks men is a very negative thing. Please make sure you tell them how beautiful they are next time.

        • Admiral Ackbar

          The only time I did "It's a trap" was on the Asian chicks that were actually dudes…get it? Probably not. The comment sections have become overloaded with turds who only want to sh!t on other people. Why people feel the need to post every negative thought they have is ridiculous. Just when you think you've found a place that isn't dominated with negativity the ass hats have to come along and piss on that too.

          Thanks jack hole.

          • Haterade

            wait, asshat? taking a word outta my dictionary there ackbar? the legend lives on!

          • El Chiverino

            That's right, you're the it's a gap guy, clever the first 150 times… and grow a pair, the guy said she was mediocre. not that bad from what I have seen elsewhere. you are sounding like a real pussy right now, "why so much negativity", "this place used to be so nice", jesus christ grow a pair already. Not everyone feels the need to post 25 pages of how everything ever posted on this site is the best ever, greatest ever, hottest ever. You want flowers and sunshine, watch barney ya puss.
            And for the record, calling people jackhole is very negative. I am going to go in the corner now, get in the fetal position, start sucking my thumb and begging for mommy to stop the hate…

      • Haterade

        true chivers stick to taking bitches to pound town.

      • Tillman

        a "true chiver" lmao, man you sound like a total idiot. It's a website, not a way of life. well maybe for a guy who never goes outside it's a way of life. Sorry, please don't kill yourself

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