I would become a lesbian for her. no doubt.

  • its_forge

    You reeeeeeheheeeeeheheeeeeeeeeeeeeheeaaaaahhahahahhahhhhaaaaaaaallllllyyyy don't get TheCHIVE, do you?

  • Jason

    Doubt it is the same girl. Different mouth and nose. Cmon guys!

  • patski

    amazing….. really starting to have a thing for auzzies

  • cman

    #9 #15 i guess i know what i want to place on them lips!

  • EricG

    my favorite ones are numbers #1 – #15 (aka all of the above)

  • Qwerty

    #14 ruined it. Effing Red Sox.

  • Anonymous

    Great job chive

  • mikeraw

    Isn't there a picture of this two-timing ho ho ho breaking up with her BF?

  • BootySwet

    #7 and #8 are in Jersey

  • http://twitter.com/dalton_matt @dalton_matt

    Got it bad, Got it bad, Got it bad….

  • DavidM

    She was nice until I saw this #14

  • Dazza


  • 4SOC20saint

    these are pretty great except for some reason #2 is just not doin it for me
    something about it seems oddly creepy

  • gonorhea

    FUCKKK.. she's married!!

  • MiamiLifestyle

    Hey Chive! that is a facebook Fake of Frieda Rose! Name of the fake is Aldana Frade … check this http://www.facebook.com/aldana.frade?sk=info

  • Tillman

    Yea yea…shes about a 5, maybe a 6 at best. Pass on this slut

  • GuZZe

    Anyone else notice all the starwars names people use here? So many virgins, so few starwars names

  • Chim Richels

    #7 – I think Frieda bought herself some new titties.

    Sorry, but when I look at her, I think 'Russian Mail Order Whore'

    She's reasonably attractive, but she looks like #4 prostitute in all of Khazakstan. I'm very excite!

  • vans_sydney


    sydney thanks you for finding her.. keeping my eyes out! i recognize a few of the locations…

  • Brando

    Lol, I was going to say that. Her lips look fake.

  • SpawnofAchilles

    The gap only appears with legs closed and then with a hot girl you get that little heavenly triangle just below the OTHER gap that we love.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Beat Me Teach Beat Me….. #9 This chick is so fine….I would let john suck her daddy's dick….

  • Micah Cox

    Frieda Rose, will you marry me?

  • schnizz

    dont know if shes from austrailia or not, but #7 and #8 were taken in New Jersey at the Meadowlands

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