Glasses Girl has been found (14 Photos)

After weeks of incorrect speculation, the mysterious 'Glasses Girl' has finally been found. Her name is Frieda Rose, an Australian student and teacher. The person who sent me these photos claims to know her and says she's one of the sweetest girls she's ever met. Enjoy...

  • JIN

    I would become a lesbian for her. no doubt.

  • its_forge

    You reeeeeeheheeeeeheheeeeeeeeeeeeeheeaaaaahhahahahhahhhhaaaaaaaallllllyyyy don't get TheCHIVE, do you?

  • Jason

    Doubt it is the same girl. Different mouth and nose. Cmon guys!

  • patski

    amazing….. really starting to have a thing for auzzies

  • cman

    #9 #15 i guess i know what i want to place on them lips!

  • EricG

    my favorite ones are numbers #1 – #15 (aka all of the above)

  • Qwerty

    #14 ruined it. Effing Red Sox.

  • Anonymous

    Great job chive

  • mikeraw

    Isn't there a picture of this two-timing ho ho ho breaking up with her BF?

  • BootySwet

    #7 and #8 are in Jersey

  • @dalton_matt

    Got it bad, Got it bad, Got it bad….

  • DavidM

    She was nice until I saw this #14

  • Dazza


  • 4SOC20saint

    these are pretty great except for some reason #2 is just not doin it for me
    something about it seems oddly creepy

  • gonorhea

    FUCKKK.. she's married!!

  • MiamiLifestyle

    Hey Chive! that is a facebook Fake of Frieda Rose! Name of the fake is Aldana Frade … check this

  • Tillman

    Yea yea…shes about a 5, maybe a 6 at best. Pass on this slut

  • GuZZe

    Anyone else notice all the starwars names people use here? So many virgins, so few starwars names

  • Chim Richels

    #7 – I think Frieda bought herself some new titties.

    Sorry, but when I look at her, I think 'Russian Mail Order Whore'

    She's reasonably attractive, but she looks like #4 prostitute in all of Khazakstan. I'm very excite!

  • vans_sydney

    sydney thanks you for finding her.. keeping my eyes out! i recognize a few of the locations…

  • Brando

    Lol, I was going to say that. Her lips look fake.

  • SpawnofAchilles

    The gap only appears with legs closed and then with a hot girl you get that little heavenly triangle just below the OTHER gap that we love.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Beat Me Teach Beat Me….. #9 This chick is so fine….I would let john suck her daddy's dick….

  • Micah Cox

    Frieda Rose, will you marry me?

  • schnizz

    dont know if shes from austrailia or not, but #7 and #8 were taken in New Jersey at the Meadowlands

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