If you like chicks with tattoos, get in here (36 Photos)

  • http://www.digitalfabrik.ca MeMyselfandI


  • bunedoggle

    #8 I see you brought enough to share with the rest of the class. Well done.

  • snotrocket51

    b/c i like you mom thank you

  • Ricardo

    Not true. Most people get tattoos on their bodies because they like them, not for other people to see them. It's their bodies, they can do what they like to them.
    I doubt any of these girls are gonna curl up and cry because you don't like their ink.

    • Joe

      No, that's just what they tell people. Most people do it look cool in others eyes trust me. How many people you know with tattoos that they have never shown anyone??

      • Sam

        …me, I don't show mine off, but I got 'em 'cause I'm an artist, and love all forms of art.

        • T-Moze

          ditto here. Besides, read the title of the post: "IF you like girls with tattoos…" The implication is: If you don't, GTFO! Chivers, in general, like real women, and real women express themselves in many ways. These are not air-brushed fakes.

          • yeah_whatever

            Although I support you in saying chicks with tattoos are hot and a huge turn-on I have my doubts in Chivers liking real women. Or how would you explain all the shouts for MOAR as soon as the Chive pictures some fake-titties?

    • Gary

      Is that why everyone got the barbed wire arm band; to be different and unique from everyone else?

      • shit

        TOOL. Now you are just stereotyping there Gary. Wanker.

  • Corey

    More on #20 please.

  • Allenavw

    #19 I don't see a tattoo?

  • Mark

    #23 – That is one of the sexiest tattoos! (Annnd I'm now going to hell!)

  • CunningLinguist

    #7s hot, moooooooore of this chive, make this weekly!

  • D-Wiz

    no sooner do i post this then i see its her arm her head is resting on thats all tatted. lol thought that was a pillow…

  • Doug

    Because I expected cool tattoos, not ruined tits.

  • misschris

    #22 Wow that's beautiful!

  • https://www.facebook.com/bfcknrzl Brad Stevens

    Best photo set EVER. More please ;P



  • TitoRigatoni

    The link CLEARLY said IF you like chicks with tattoos..
    If you DON'T like chicks with tattoos, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU CLICK THE LINK???


    • Funky Boy

      Because it's a free fucking country, cunt.

      • TitoRigatoni

        That's not exactly a reason, funky.

  • Lisa

    I'm getting a new tat for my B-day on June 29th, it is my dream to make it onto Chive with my tat pic. (I have no ass so Hump Day is out of the question. I do have natural 34DD's but I'm too shy to post my chest braless…..so that leaves your Tattoo posts.) :*

    • Nom nom

      LISA! LISA! LISA! LISA! To avoid the creepiness, if all you need is a little support( no pun intended) than I’ll back u LISA! LISA! LISA!

  • PeterGun


    Beautiful work, but i wish i could get a chanse to see it when its all done…

  • JpW

    And the Chive's greatness continues to amaze me. Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.bridgett1 Michael Bridgett

    I LOVE chicks with tattoos. I also get it that some people dont like it. But as labeled, this post was for the ones that do,

    Next time label this post "If you like girls with tattoos…come on in…if not, its not like we didnt tell you what was in here, no one is forcing you look!"

  • The Reaper

    #31 Find her!!

  • AnthonySyl

    MOAR #29 and #33

  • davi311b

    im hoping #29 is a pornstar

  • Hater-u-made!

    Go find her yourself, u lazy fuck!

  • Matty

    There are only like 2, maybe 3, girls on here i would not marry. A beautiful tattoo on a beautiful girl makes me a happy panda.

  • kneejerk

    Way to ruin yourselves, bitches

  • Rump L. Stiltskin

    I HATE TATS…but I love sideboob shots #2 and #33!

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