If you like chicks with tattoos, get in here (36 Photos)

  • venromero

    #1 looks a lot like sheri moon zombie.

  • Ken

    I just don't see the appeal of that much ink. A few, tiny, delicate, feminine tats, okay. Full sleeves, and full vests…way too much.

  • Joey Donuts

    If that gun has a silencer I bet she has a smile on her face….

  • http://twitter.com/TentiucD @TentiucD

    #9 and #28
    Instant orgasm ftw!

    • Nonon

      This is one of them: facebook.com/autohagiographer

  • Greg

    #9 nevermind. Face piercings and guaged ears on a girl are too much for me but she is absolutley gorgeous.

  • Caff13ne

    I wonder if that’s a squirt gun…

  • HCMike

    #29 has some super high quality ink… love it. Wanna know who did it!

    To the haters etc… I have a REAL job and get paid well, I might add and I am sleeved. I got ink for ME not for you to look at. In fact, you ask some pretty fuckin' stupid questions of me all the time and I often wear long sleeve shirts to avoid being asked "Did THAT hurt?!" whilst I try to enjoy dining out with my wife. I also have my legs tattoo'd and others rarely see them… they are for me. Not you. If I care what others thought, I probably would not have any tattoos cuz I would be a close minded idiot like the majority of the masses…

  • troy

    #2 HOT, #21 & #22 WOW, #23 & #34 really hot bring on more hot girls with tatts.

  • troy

    Oh dont forget #29 & #33 are totally HOT as well.

  • troy

    FIND #33 I want to see a whole lot more of her please CHIVE…PS Ur the best

  • carnage

    Where’s danielle colby cushman?

  • http://twitter.com/mja1485 @mja1485

    #29 they moved some of the pics around. #31 looks good but I like 29 moar

  • http://www.dirtyhotproductions.com walt

    #7 hawt!! & moar!!!

  • jack_skeleton

    #25 stomach perfection…

  • doodlejump

    Look up Julia Bond. She's a pretty popular adult film star.

  • dbones

    #9 #11 #13 something I like about each of them … #30 MOAR!

  • Why Not?

    #18 and #35 are FIND HER material

  • taylor319

    ha, 34
    i have those same undies

  • Steven

    No Chive we like chicks with big TITS not TATS

  • Glen


  • Mina

    Wohooo lesbianish post!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ink

    I think you can fit a photo or two of Bif Naked in this gallery.

  • http://www.facebook.com/addamwest Addam West

    #26 #29 #33


  • lainey

    to everyone talking shit, why not leave the page? saying girls with ink are gross is rude. I’m one of the girls in this group of pics, and I can tell you I didn’t get my ink to impress anyone. telling a girl she’s ruined her body by expressing herself with it artistically is like telling an overweight person they ruined themselves by eating.

    • Stuson

      totally agree. don't like tats=don't look at gallery

  • bored

    lets try and find #6 and #9 shall we?,… okay, great!

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