More sports photos timed…for your pleasure (26 Photos)

  • bob151

    What happened next in #4? Looks disastrous.
    Also, what"s #7 holding onto?

  • Tara

    in response to photo #19.. Just because the Flyers lost, doesn't make you guys awesome. You suck Boston!

  • Mark Ellison

    My first reaction to this that she's not a volleyball player, no volleyball player would ever interlock their fingers like that.

    • T-Moze

      Really, that was your FIRST reaction? Not second or third, but first? I feel sorry for you.

  • Steven

    figure skating not a sport

  • that-guy

    Get THE F**K OFF #10

  • Supes

    #17 can not end well!!!

    #6 way to go Force and Sully for making theChive.

  • Adzinthe

    #4 isn't funny at all. It's a real photo from a recent accident in Australia where a horse jumped a fence without its rider and landed on spectators. Some people were hurt, no deaths fortunately.

    The horse racing event in question was a steeple chase, which is a totally barbaric sport where horses regularly fall and have to be destroyed afterwards.

  • TexanInAus


    Chive on From Warrnambool Victoria Australia. I was there.


    #12 #17 #18 are great :d

  • UFC

    oh…i didn't know it was about the money, what about the sport? no offense but UFC is A LOT more exciting whether they get paid less or not.

    you people on here are fuckin ridiculous. i post a comment and you get your shirt in a knot.

  • =THC=Rufio

    #12 is shopped.

  • idiot

    Pacquiao vs. Couture.

    Couture wins. hands down.

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #23 Let's get an all volleyball gallery going…

  • Bryce Willits

    #17 Look ma, no hands!

  • Jason J. Hatfield


    Remember the "Home Improvement" episode where Tim races Bob Vila!

  • Carlos SLB


  • Jessica Payne

    #5 I remember an episode of Home Improvement with this…and according to your recent post of nostalgia, that was a long time ago…sigh.

  • MoonManMin

    #9 isn't that funny… Dude just broke his nose.

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