One city and a topic: Good looking gals of Wilmington, NC (49 Photos)

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Find these good looking gals here
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Find these good looking gals here
theBRIGADE wants to show off your city
Submit your Photos here

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  • Dan

    I live in Wilmington….where the hell are these women???

    Oh yeah, first!

    • Rick

      most study at UNC-W and model on the side

    • Shamus

      I've been to Wilmington, they definitely flew these women in

  • Kyle

    This is crazy wilmington has mad girls

  • davey

    are big tits illegal there?

  • El_Capitano_Boz

    #24 That settles it , I'm moving!



  • P90

    #4 #31 #48 Sophia Bush is gorgeous.
    Me also likey #6 #25 and #42

  • mary


  • LineHog

    WTF, Sophia Bush is from California, not Carolina, big difference there guys

    • Rob

      But her character on One Tree Hill is from Wilmington, NC. I guess nobody on this site can distinguish fact from fiction.

      • Rick

        she owned a house there, good enough for me

  • Matt

    #11 works at hooters!

  • KalEl24

    #27 should be on theChive next Wednesday!

  • Thebrigade: Hot Girls Form Wilmington, Nc : Thebrigade | One Tree Hill Spoilers

    […] Read the rest of the thing here […]

  • weronika

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  • absolutcarcrazy


  • EdwardCharlesPhoto

    Some of these are my images. I advise you to remove them or give me credit.

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