A new shipment of mail order brides has arrived (29 Photos)

We all have our hobbies. Mine happens to be drinking Jack Daniel's and fantasy shopping for mail order brides. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the Ukraine. Last night, one of my favorite sites released some new hotties. If browsing turned to buying, which one would you add to cart?

  • Ripple

    #19 I'll take her to go please

    • Maynard B.

      Most def.

    • http://blog.eliotpearson.com Eliot

      Very nice one there.

  • bbob

    I'll take one of each except #23 she will have to get a few drinks in me

    • Guse

      *rolls eyes* I'm 100% sure you're that hard to get.

      • bbob

        LOL tushay

        • Flicka


          • Bacchus


            • Guse

              In bbob's defense, I think "tushay" was intentionally misspelled for humor.

        • Roscoe

          Hooked on phonics!!!!!

  • oldurp


    • duh

      Silly oldurp…you thought it said MALE order brides and was disappointed when you found out this post was only women. Be sure to read more carefully next time!

    • enburst

      what did you expect? supermodels? if they were that hot they wouldn't have to be mail order brides

  • Seannerz

    #13 I'd give her a test drive.

  • S.S.

    plane tickets to russia are how much?

    • Flicka

      bout 1500, round trip, in advance, 3 layovers.

    • Brad

      you might only have to go as far as Ukraine for these girls…

      • de ja vu

        might be cheaper to order them

        • BuckRodgers

          But you have to pay most of them a salary to get them to stay with you, a woman from some backwater village might just worship you for getting her out of there.

  • Guse

    #18 is stunning.

    • apple


  • irish

    does 29 only have one leg?

    am i first?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jjlinehan John J Linehan

      No, see what they did was took her picture from like the side… with like a camera… so like it only shows one of her legs… derp

      • sure bud

        your like an idiot.

  • JOE


    • JOE

      Do they move of something

      • JOE


        • SKEWED

          She has the same face (kind of a Duckface) in every picture… Big No-No!

    • Bacchus

      Which ones?


      I DON'T SEE HER LIPS-her legs are closed

  • http://www.facebook.com/PhacePlant Nicholas Warner

    Id take #16 as she seems to be the least slutty looking lol

    • cbs5090

      No one is ever gonna pick her.

    • Evil Monkey

      lol. i was thinking the same thing. is the only one who doesn't yell "he payed for me, obviously".

    • George

      She's also the only one with a pic that isn't heavily airbrushed, and not wearing a ton of makeup. If that's what this girl looks like when she goes out for a jog, I'll pick that every time.

  • Titus

    Somehow I don't think I'd be able to "Return to Sender" if the product didn't match the description on the box…

    • icya

      Speaking of "box", i'd want to see more pictures before I ordered…

  • zooo

    #2 for sure

    • thing

      I don't know… if that's what yer dick looks like after she's done with it – send her back…

      • Slauter

        I'm willing to take the chance.

  • SWG Fan

    Love the cleavage on #27, but damn I love me some redhead #18

    • aje

      not a real rtedhead

  • Ed P

    #1 and #21
    Make them Chivettes.

  • wkdfrog

    #2 Sold to the Elisha Cuthbert impersonator. Very Nice. How much?! 😉

    • LineHog

      But better, Elisha was with that douche Steve Avery, don't want his sloppy seconds

      • aosux

        Do you mean Sean Avery? Yeah, he is a schmuck

  • 19 all day

    Woburn ma

  • EdWood

    #22. All she needs is a little sunshine.
    We have lots of that here in Texas.

    • Guest

      #22 If she promised to stay in that position til death to us part, sold!

    • HolyShamoly

      Sunshine not needed, I'll tan that ass.

  • Rez!

    I can't decide so I'll take 2 with #7 and #17!

  • http://theflintskinny.blogspot.com/ TheFlintSkinny

    I learned from "Not Another Teen Movie" that paint-covered overalls can be hot. #15 confirmed it.

    • Anonymous

      Fantastic film and yes, the lead in that movie was gorgeous.

  • HollarPeenYo

    Do they eat sammiches in Russia??? Just wanted to make sure she doesn't need extra instruction after I place my order…

  • patov40

    #3 and #22, finalists in "The Next Mrs. OV Competition"!

  • Fisheyes

    #20 is simply stunning

    • EZEE

      I will take this one, however, she must come in THAT OUTFIT.

    • TFB

      20 you're done

    • Richie Rich

      Ill take her in anything she wears. That face could pull anything off.

      • T-Moze

        Yeah, but could you pull anything off that face?

  • brent

    #1 #22 crazy hot.

  • TxSpooky

    #4 FDAU from the Ukraine all the way to Texas, and any other ways she might like. 😀

  • oekter

    I'd like #4 please. Mastercard or Visa?

  • Ecc

    #12 – I can't see them, her skirt's too long.

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