Amazing street art/graffiti just makes me happy (20 Photos)

  • @winfields

    #17 is pretty cool

  • someguy

    If only I took the 5 seconds to look that up.

    • Holmespump

      He spelled "canceled" wrong, but spelled "cancelled" right.

    • wkdfrog

      Or learned non US spelling

  • wkdfrog

    #5 and #14 work so well in their settings

  • Jules

    Love all of them but #1 #12 and #14 were my personal favorites.

  • bubblerider86

    my town NEEDS more street art……all we have are stupid, sucky, artless buildings =/

  • chird

    You can tell a lot of them are Banksy. Sickness.

  • denzino

    so…. many… comments….
    thank theChive for this awesome post!!!
    #5 a few of my favorite ummm…. things
    #11 I'm just a little black rain cloud… hovering over the honey tree
    #19 is surreal

  • fuse

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  • Allenavw

    #14 I love this. I wish we had more fabulous street art like this.

  • Dan

    I'm going to celebrate when Banksy is caught and put in jail for six months. Graffiti is not art.

  • MacNCheesePro

    #19 I'd love to have that on the side of the building I work in, lol


    I know id pay more 2 have a banksy on my wall instead of brown bricks…in fact any of these for that matter

  • mtella88

    Is #10 retro??? 😛

  • Haterade

    so long as it counts as knowledge…

  • Jsin25

    amazing stuff.

  • Busternut

    Cancelled is spelt right in Britain.
    Canceled is the American spelling.
    Banksy is British.

  • Sumer Gill



    Pretty amazing street art. I'd imagine it would be a pain in the ass being a chalk artist in Seattle.

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