Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • gofistyourself

    feed me a stray cat

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      Best book ever. Not so much the best movie ever.


      #1, #6, #20 gotta love americans and #9 and this guy

  • Jesse B

    First mutha fuckaaA!

    • GuZZe

      hahahahahaha…you dumb motherfuckr

    • Richie Rich


    • Chase


  • neilltumulac


  • Surf and Snow

    #1 NPH and a double rainbow. Epic!

    • Stevo

      Double Epic.

    • dr oekter

      I don't get it. Do you mean NPH like in Natural Phenomena Hazard?

      • wilson

        never heard of him either. just googled him and he seems to be openly is gay. that would explain the rainbow.

      • zumba

        I think US-Americans often overestimate the prominence of their domestic showbiz stars

        • Justin Hall

          I prefer Paula's trolling. You guys are amateurs.

    • docsully

      Dude, Neil Patrick Harris and a double rainbow makes it a triple rainbow. Coolest Man Alive ever…

      • KDW

        triple rainbow??? you fabulous fairy…

    • GuZZe

      whats so epic about a dude who just took a dick out of his mouth to photograph himself by a rainbow. Are you a butt jouster as well?

      • mojomojo444

        Dude you really need to watch just one half hour of the awesomeness that is Barney Stinson

        The man is Legen…wait for it……

        • mojomojo444


      • wkdfrog

        Butt Jouster – LOL!

      • Horiable

        don't like it? fine. don't gotta be a douche about it

    • mko

      So basically this picture is about a homosexual actor showing his support for the gay community. Nothing wrong with that, but why would so many chivers find it EPIC??

    • lynyrd skynyrd

      Wow. a lot of NPH haters today… who apparently think it's gay to like somebody who's gay… which makes them kinda gay.
      Don't worry! When you grow up you'll learn to be more accepting.
      And if you have to google NPH, what are you doing on the chive anyway?

      Barney Stinson for life.

      • Jen

        i love NPH. if he was straight and i had a chance i would do him, just bc of his awesomeness.

      • oekter

        I'm sorry if I offended someone by exposing my ignorance… I wasn't hating, I really didn't know who this gentleman is. I just googled NPH and Natural Phenomena Hazard was the first hit. Thought it concerned the double rainbow and was a bit confused.
        Please don't hate people who don't worship your favourite TV-Star.
        I thought this site was about beautiful women and amusing random pictures, but maybe I was wrong.

        • Haterade

          you were. it is about homophobia, chauvinism, and stealing pictures from redditors.

      • Terry

        Well said Sir….

        The haters of NPH are just guys who call each other fags and gay. And anyone who disagrees with them is gay. Yet inside they are truly gay.

        Being Gay has nothing to do with acting or being funny. Which NHP is awesome at both.

    • JimmyJohn

      i think the problem here is that ppl cant separate the character from the person. Barney Stinson…awesome. NPH…not sure we have the same interests so hanging with him may not be that fun

      • Hmmm

        Not really have watched him in other movies and shows and live comedy. He is just a all around comedian. Just cuz he is gay doesnt mean he is gonna try to fuck you.

        • Jak

          I have no problem with gays, whatever your idea of a good time is not my concern…BUT finding out NPH is gay was like eating an amazing slice of your favorite cake and then finding out it was full of ex-lax. It was still great but you just don't feel the same about it anymore.

    • oX_Animal_Xo

      He should be riding a unicorn… just sayin'


      One of the coolest rich famous people ever. One night out with friends the check comes and NPH says "I got this after all I'm rich." The guy rocks gay or not.

  • slicydicy

    hmmm…. and now to go to sleep

  • Royce G.

    a nice 2am surprise.

    chive the fuck on!!!

    • foshizzle

      where i live its already 09.25

      • Badfish

        you guys are both wrong, its 10:54

  • Surf and Snow

    #13 Been there….

    • GuZZe

      Did you help him or just watch and clean up?

      • Surf and Snow

        Lolz! Well played sir, well played.

      • PoppinFresh

        I LOLed.

        • Firefighter23

          You can't LOLed! Louded is not a word! Damn you kids and your interweb talk!

    • plop

      #13 Challenge accepted

  • Rheagan

    Once again, a great way to start my afternoon in Japan! Thanks Chive for keeping me sane.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jacobbradley Jake Iverson

    #13 Like a boss

    • GuZZe

      Wow…that comment is so original! Did you just think that up yourself, OMG you are amazingly funny. I have never ever heard that before. Really great post man, just great.

      • its_forge

        Homey if you don't like reading the comments at TheCHIVE… **don't read them.**

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Florian-Shena/1147038093 Florian Shena

        WOW ……. in the other hand, your reply is very original…

  • hueyrocks

    #2 – He's got to be rich with a girlfriend like that.

    • its_forge

      Well the market for eligible three-quarter-inch-tall dudes is a little sparse. Most of the good ones are taken, or gay.

      • Bluto

        NPH is only three-quarter-inch tall?

        • its_forge

          Pay attention bro, we're talking about #2.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Barbour/667795076 Justin Barbour

    #13 Challenge accepted!!

  • pat

    #6 you don't say that.

    • apple

      step brothers nice. we got 9 days to live!

    • topher

      shut up you yellow shirted fuck!

  • jbnz

    #11 I did the meat and bone crossword at uni today and left in a lecture theatre just to mess with people

  • haz

    after this I can sleep better

  • maximum_high

    #1 NPH: Double Rainbow? So?

    • berg

      rainbow is the symbol of the gay community

      • McBeastie

        I think he's playing off the whole double rainbow guy meme.


      Coolest rich famous person ever. One night out with friends the check comes NPH says "I got this after all I'm rich." Gay or not this guy rocks.

    • downfall616

      i'd never heard of him being gay nor would i care if he was. i enjoy his acting and thats where my interest stops with all actors and actresses.no one should care if someone is gay or not and these people ripping probably don't realize theres a life of their own to live.

  • PokePoke

    #4 guys got taste, and a nice wife

    • its_forge

      Grey's a pretty, pretty girl but boy howdy does she need to step AWAY from the EYEBROW PENCIL.

    • Johnny Two Toes

      Taste? Sasha Grey is ugly as sin. And sin's pretty ugly, I know, we've met. I suppose now that I read it again, you didn't say "good" taste.

      • its_forge

        You're apparently a resident of another universe where Sasha Grey doesn't look like she does here.

        • topher

          and only takes the top of the penis in her mouth

  • Guest

    #11 Great scene. But I think the book is infinitely more disturbing. I was seriously wary of men in business suits after reading it.

    • mystery_guest

      you mean like the girl's breasts exploding all over the curtains after he electrocutes her? yep

    • OhSomeEvil

      There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman; some kind of abstraction. But there is no real me: only an entity, something illusory. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable… I simply am not there.

  • foshizzle

    #17 YO dawg i heard you like pools…

    • Surf and Snow

      Well played sir!

      • GuZZe

        I knew you would like that. You sir have an eye for original material.

        Where's the beef?

        Whatchu talkin bout willis?



        That should keep you busy for a while.

    • greazzlybear


    • AndyR

      The lady in the background looks like she is squatting to pee!

    • AKZ

      you dont even have to say it just put the face in there!!

  • MigraineBoy

    #12 President kills Osama, every man turns pussy in his presence.

    • Kodos

      No, we knew Obama supporters were liberal sissy-boys to begin with.

      This pic just proves it.

    • paulhitchcock

      And how, exactly, did Obama kill Osama? Did he fastrope out of a hovering Blackhawk helicopter, kick down the door to Osama's room, and shoot him in the head? No, he didn't. A Navy SEAL with more guts in his little finger than all the people looking at this post today have in their entire bodies, combined (unless there are some SEALs out there checking this out…if so, Bravo Zulu!), did. The SEALs deserve the credit, while the politicians who sit in complete safety in their comfortable houses and simply say "Okay, let's take him out," try to take the credit. Pisses me off.

  • jays

    # 7 Isn't this in Singapore?

    • https://www.facebook.com/jacobbradley Jake Iverson

      #7 (no spaces)*

    • Jessica

      Yup, rock on Singapore!

      • greg

        i'm not the only one who Chive in Singapore then 🙂

  • Bruce

    I didn't know who Sasha Grey was. Google image'd her. At work. I didn't have safe search turned on. Fail. Got a written warning for looking at porn.

    It was worth it.

    • oekter

      Me neither. Just did the same, but from home. Must be careful not to leave trails though, my wife is not as understanding as this one.

      • its_forge

        I don't think that wife is "understanding," I think Mister there is in deep shit is what I think.

    • its_forge

      And now you've learned to *never* google the name of *any* woman you see in a picture on TheCHIVE.

  • papperboy

    NEW WAY TO DO SEX how to do go to



      WARNING: that 'pornsite' installs AntiVirus Pro, a hard to remove FAKE anti-virus program that nags a lot ("pay to get non-existent viruses removed") on your computer. DO NOT OPEN THE LINK!!

  • jp34

    #22 Mine?

    • Shawn

      hahahahah i couldnt stop laughing at this hahahaha

      • thing

        bird derp moment

    • GK-4

      aha, I've discovered a way to get more food. These Humans will never suspect a thi—-Oh GodTheyHaveAGodDamnedForceField—-

    • alysinwunderland

      ha. that actually made me giggle more than the gif

  • dash

    #17 she could play with my stick and balls anyday

    • link


    • GK-4

      too obvious

    • dash

      i know i was going for the worst pun i could think of

    • hMMMM

      No mention of the leg bomb in the background?

  • name

    #17 that little dude is never going to fuck her. And as pathetic as it sounds that makes me happy.

    • its_forge

      You don't know that, he could have already schtupped her in every possible position by this point.

    • Boooger

      Dont be a hater just because you aren't getting any.

    • kornerr

      wishing other people trouble out of spite and frustration. I was you, I'd instead try to find a way to get rid of said frustration/jealousy.

      go get a Pool Pool bro !

    • downfall616

      it doesn't "sound" pathetic, it IS pathetic. go listen to some emo music and cry yourself to sleep

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