Hot Right Now: Weekend Afternoon Randomness (36 Photos)

Freckles connect the dots to my hearts (27 photos)

  • Ken

    OMG, I want them all. Hook up the IV Viagra, and let us commence. Sure, I'll die along the way, but…what a way to go!

  • shad

    #2 = Martine Lervik
    #19 = Lickapella; Has a Flicker account but no real name.
    #16 = Mini Anden

  • Bananafish

    #9 is so cute. Also MOAR!!

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #12 is my fav. MOAR!

  • Bob

    I love #14, can't rest until she is found………….

  • James

    #23 Please find her

  • P90

    I have never seen so many unbelievably beautiful women in one post before.

  • armando

    best post ever

  • fajita123

    #19 and #26 … mmmm

  • T-Moze

    No Angeline Lilly?!?! If you google sexy chick with freckles, her picture is the only one that comes up! Now google can add these to the results. Great post Leo.

  • Glenn_Coco

    #19 pretty eyes, pirate smile…

  • Matt

    #2 #21 #26 absolute heaven.

  • cjayy

    all gorgeous. just proves you don't need to be half naked to be sexy. nice one!

  • PinkBoxDestroyer

    Beautiful. Every single one.

  • the blue people

    #20. find her

  • the blue people

    find her

  • yoav^^^

    #6 Bar Refaeli all the way

  • Scott

    # 5…. cute cute cute..i keep wanting to connect the freckles…with my tongue

  • Charlie

    Who is #16?

  • David
  • xavier


  • simon


  • Guest

    #1-27 Do it for me

  • NTS

    I am not convinced that #16 is not looking at me instead of me looking at her.

  • Ben

    These girls are incredible!

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