• Laura=Paula

    wow, really? You take the time to bitch about a post simply because they didn't appease your fat ass with the actual name of the sandwich? STFU and put YOUR effort somewhere else! Booya!

    • Nazz

      Yeah, I just thought if you are complaining it was forgotten, you might want to even know what it is.

      • Chiver

        Aha! You really ARE from the Chive, aren't you? 😉 So is this John? Patty? Leo? C'mon now, fess up! 🙂

        • Gay Mustache Guy

          I'd imagine they have better things to do.

  • E.V.L.

    I'm sorry I didn't put the name of the sandwich in there for you. You obviously already know the name of it, so why be mean?

    • Nazz

      Grow some skin, your on the internet.

  • BaneofExistence

    What about Weird Al's Twinkie Weiner Sandwich from UHF?!?!?! That deserved to be on here more than any other.

  • steve

    thought for sure i'd see thorton mellons creation.

  • dantvman

    No "Twinky Wiener Sandwich" from UHF? boo

  • fuse

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  • Joey Donuts

    Where is the Russian Mob Boss's sandwich from Boondock Saints…(classic scene with "The Hedgehog" cameo

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnbbest John Best


  • Ryan

    Goog, but they forgot about the sandwich was made by the boyfriend of Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) in The Devil Wears Prada (that's one made in the frying pan).

  • Anonymous

    How can this not have the epic sandwich from saving private ryan????

  • zerpsderps

    was that will.i.am as the homeless guy?

  • Gunny

    Sorry bud, this isn't namby panby land. Go cry elsewhere.

    • E.V.L.

      Sorry to you too, buddy! I'm not really in the mood right now for your rudeness, so why don't you be a good guy and go be rude somewhere else. Thank you! 🙂

  • http://www.underthinkingit.com Azzy

    Is Patty starting to get withdrawals from fine sandwiches?

    • Patrick M.


  • Patrick M.

    Only the strong will survive!

  • sticky

    where is zolteck's pbj from little giants? his mom made it!

  • TheDeuce

    If you have seen the new movie Bridesmaids…I think the "Big Bear Sandwich" should be included.

    • Allan

      LOL, yes! that was hilarious… and disturbing…

  • Anthony


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  • dennis

    Sol Siler expectorating his deli sandwich in "That Thing You Do!"

  • http://Yahoo Unknown


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