I want a pet monkey (33 photos)

thechivery coldwar vet 620x300 I want a pet monkey (33 photos)

  • monkeyaround

    poorly captioned #11

  • RatedR401

    Monkeys are the shit!

  • papperboy

    (((((( NEW WAY TO DO SEX ONLY +18 go to the following))))))


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  • Ken


    Sad a lonely monkey is sad and lonely 'cause he got no comments.

  • Tom

    i was going to make this comment too, though i knew it would get many thumb-downs. kudos for being the brave one to do it. although, i wouldn't have added the "fail" and would have started with "not to be "that guy', but…

  • Goose921

    Ampersand 😀

  • http://toprice.ie/ TOPRICE.IE

    #15 #19 #23

  • Bacchus

    #6 #24 I wish I WAS a pet monkey.

  • Will

    No one else wants to see moar of #8?

  • Liv

    #24 is just great

  • Tac0

    This crap makes me sick – these animals are our closet living relatives on this planet & people cannot help themselves but dress them up and train them, usually by threat of force, to do something a human would. Most places have laws against keeping them as personal pets and for good reason. Besides being a real pain to keep, most people cannot provide adequate space and a stimulating environment to keep most of these primates healthy.

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