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  • apple

    #9 shes still DTF

    • orange

      what a whore. i love her.

    • virtuoso09

      I broke her…

    • name

      And like 13. Why don't you have a seat over there…

    • evan

      I don't see anything wrong with any of these pictures.

    • RiHugh

      Somebody was planning ahead.

    • Muert

      Model for a fetish site. 😉

    • Acraetis

      For practical reasons if you were in a full body cast you would have to leave that part of the body open to um you know "go to the bathroom".

      • Nazz

        On my chest preferably.

    • someone
      • KeyserSoze

        I'd hit that like crazy…

      • detroller


      • HLe

        Damn.. That photo remind me of human centipede. I just lost my boner.

    • rich

      your va jay jay would stink really bad after not being able to shower for 12 weeks.

      • NothingToSeeHere

        Valid point, but -1 for using that that god damned phrase!

      • jonathan


    • Ryan Aubin

      Wow. She is a cutie. And I like how she is rubbing her little pussy…cat.

      • duh...

        your sketchy!!!!!

    • vindi

      FIND HER!!!!!

    • Steven Schroeder

      Find her… not only because she's cute as a button but because I'm curious as hell as to what put her in such a state.

    • BigHate

      If you want to see everything search "Body Cast Girl" and go to the 4chan archive that comes up. I'm not going to direct link to it because my AV blocked a connection on the page so I don't want to get anyone infected. I'm pretty sure this chick is a porn star of some sort.

      • Bil-E-Bob

        definitely some full nude on the 4chan thread.

    • allen
    • bob151
    • Pufffdragon
  • HankT

    #17…That guy is such a dick

    • Mike

      This pic is wtf on so many levels. The more you analyze it, the more things you find.

    • Jim Reuss

      this is a band called shat. look up a song called "show your tits". its awesome on many levels

  • iinferno2010


    try to catch that guy…

    • GK-4

      this is actually respectably awesome

  • Simon James Law

    #9 Well with all those signatures I think I can imagine what happened.

    • beasty

      I'd hit it.

      • floscar

        I think the problem is she's already been hit, hence the full body cast.

    • DavidBowiesJunk

      hahaha… kyle, jon, mike, other male signatures were written on her inner thighs.. its like autographing your work after your done with it.

    • Matt

      Anyone else notice the Mike Patton signature? Maybe just some random dude with the same name…

    • formerwilbury

      I'm reminded of Last Exit to Brooklyn

  • Gaz Ogden

    No 9 that is!

  • FoCoLivin

    For some reason, I can't stop staring at #9.

  • JumboTron

    #9 Now with easy access panel!

    • Brand_n

      And convenient kitten accessory.

      • Graphix

        holy crap, I didn't even see the kitten, eyes were drawn the the bush… rose-bush dish towel that is.

  • BMW

    Are you serious? #5 Is it wong that I find this hot? #9

    • PoppinFresh

      you find which one hot?!

    • wuzzman16

      nothing wrong, it sounds like almost everybody else does too.

    • chad

      Not at all friend not at all!

  • Catence

    There is so much wrong with this post…..except #26. That is actually pretty sweet.

    • please

      show us your tits.

    • Ryan

      I'm sorry, I got lost in your avatar. What were you saying?

  • Ripple

    #23 ok she-man needs to tone it down a notch

    • Chris_Mason

      While you're hating I'll be over here getting my swell on.

    • Big McLarge Huge

      the ultimate DB !!!!

    • ** PAULA HATER **

      Did you know that this muscular lady drives a Vespa?

      • JimmyJohn

        i dont see any muscular lady. i see a whole bunch of shitty synthol tho

    • Randy Marsh

      Honestly, i thinks a guy, but I'm not sure.

    • DavidBowiesJunk

      Run! she ditched the flannel and Doc Martians and picked up Affliction, and Ed Hardy… its…a dike-a-douche!

    • colombianchiver

      i´m still wandering WTF is

  • Mat

    #25 I want one.

  • Lauren Gentile

    Is #13 Tobias from Arrested Development? That's actually a pretty darn funny gif…

    • @mja1485

      He blue himself a little early.

    • AbedNadir

      Ya, he's a never nude.

    • Emily

      It's from a YouTube video about LARPers….. Avatar style. It's hilarious you should watch it!

  • @winfields

    #5 – but first you have to get a date!

  • Lynne Sandilands

    #23 What is it????

  • b-ry

    is #11 jug head?

    • @winfields

      isn't that McLovin?

      • StrKan

        that is SO mclovin!!

        • denzino

          I'm surprised nobody posted the obvious comment before this.

          • Guest

            lolz hoverhand

      • FamousNate

        Thought it was Tom from Myspace….

    • cameron

      i think its McLovin…and i think he's using a hover hand

  • Josh

    #4 gollem?

    • Bacchus

      Show some respect. His name is Smeagol

  • @mja1485

    #23 Please just stay away

    • Killin' Time @ Work

      I like that you asked please…. good way to avoid setting it off into a roid rage

  • Brad Stevens

    I liked most of these.

  • Anonymous

    #23 What…is….that?

  • oX_Animal_Xo

    #9, I've been in a full body cast before. Not as fun as she makes it look! Props for the great smile though!

  • El_Capitano_Boz

    #11 McLovin??

    • @StrongAsMeat

      More like McFloating Hand. If anybody should be grabbing the girls it's him. Sad.

  • mitter78

    #1 … Gonna get that bitch some fireworks .. Bitches love fireworks.

    • name

      Get that bitch an overused meme, bitches love overused memes.

      Oh shit now I've done it…


  • Htisss

    #5 YOU!… out of the gene pool

  • James
    • LineHog

      Crystal Gayle family picture?

      • who knew

        I was thinking cousin its.

  • Surf and Snow

    #9 "Call me" on her right leg. Win.

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