These people exist (26 photos)

  • kornerr

    That was just too damn fuuny !

    #16 I want that dog !

    #23 Scares me more than anyone even could scare me with a knife !!!!

    #25 BURNING MAN !!! YEAH !!

  • miscellaneous one

    #21 is Steve Sillett. Knew him when I was a biology grad student at Humboldt.

    Major douche.

  • Justin

    #9 I mean really, what did she do to find herself in that sort of cast… I think it's definitely a story I would like to know. Chive get on it!

  • johkur

    I'm guessing the band in #17 don't do any Barry Manilow covers.

  • Just Sayin'
  • Jon

    #7 They don't exist. They existed.

  • jurmy hurvy

    holy shit shit. when i first saw the second photo of #23 on a previous post i assumed it was fake, and now im really really wishing it was

  • onethirdjewman

    #24 called that shit 😛

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the police cause I got a squirrel on a leash

  • Banderdash

    Steven Hawking… the early years.

  • Christopher McGowan

    I hope this hippie burns!!!

  • Chad

    #9 is going to bug me forever I thought I had found all the weird porn that one could find. this is by far the hottest thing Ive ever cum across. Tell us more PLEASE!

  • Ali

    I'm confused about #23………a transgender on roids???

  • Wally

    #21 is from a(recent)National Geographic magazine article about the Western Redwood Reserves. There are 5 biologists/ecologists/tree researchers? in that one tree, which, if I recall, measures about 321 feet tall.

  • A Fan

    #8 Super Sweet!!!

  • Scott Martin

    # 17: that's Jeff Wood from the band SHAT

  • Don_Juan_Ramon

    if #9 wheeled her sexy butt across me, she'd need a cast for the rest of her too. 😀

  • Sil

    #23 ewwwwwwwwww

  • trevor

    #23 kill it!!!!!!!!!!

  • HanaBerlin

    #2 How did that guy catch the squirrel?

  • willkm75

    #9 she's kinda hot, is it wrong that I want to do dirty things to her???? #11 McLovin's got it going on "chika chika pow pow" lol!!!!

  • Rebel_Soul

    #23 I have not laughed this hard in a long time. If you are ever in a bad mood just look at this thing and know that your day will get better

  • Wade Wilson

    #23 Bob had bitch-tits.

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