Things That Bounce Thursday (11 GIFS)

Please give this gallery a hot second to load...

  • landon

    I'll be stuck on #4 today if anybody needs me

    • DJwillflo

      I'll be joining you.

    • Brad

      full video and other half-naked pictures here:

      • boob man

        that site, while really weird, is also equally awesome!! especially the full movie of that gif….thanks for the tip!

    • DavidBowiesJunk

      Son of a bitch!! I'm in love again…. Damn you Chive, you do this to me at least 38 times a week!

    • Shawn

      that is an out of this world bounce right there

  • good lawd


    • apple

      who is she

      • Walter Sobchak

        Ewa Sonnet from

        • thom

          You need help carrying those?

      • Adam Flowers

        It's even better if you hover your cursor over here in the comments!!

    • SandySinbad

      best one

  • Random

    #7 fail has never looked so good

    • BentWrenches

      Gravity wins…again

    • Ferret

      Did not think a boob hitting the pavement would make me laugh… It did

    • panama99

      Good thing she had those airbag to save her!!!

      • cjayy

        good-bye, implant

    • Henrik

      It kinda looks like she's topless.

      • KCJake

        Is she not?

    • my5tika1cll

      5 Second Rule!!!!

    • Beldar

      Did the Chive show naked booby? Not complaining, just surprised. Maybe they'll show even more.

      • Cliff

        Oh, she's definitely topless…..

    • fitdude


    • sassygurl129

      surprised it didn't explode

    • RichMahogany

      Side boob road rash! Guess that what happens when you abruptly turn your handlebars 90 degrees while going downhill with no shirt on. Ha!

  • mja1485

    #4 has some awesome bounce.

  • McSgwigga

    #3 – she's like a fine wine

  • Brad

    #2, #3 Bolt-On's don't bounce…

  • Stone

    Walk that walk girl

    • Knuckles Grymm

      I'd recognize that ass anywhere…Friday the 13th part 2. She does a full frontal. Don't recall her name off hand but she was a perfect 10 even by today's standards. Pretty much fell off the face of the earth.

  • Apollos

    hell yeah I am 3 for 3 on Chive submissions!


    • HO11YWOOD303

      And I thank you for this one, could be my favorite GIF ever

  • Brad

    #6 Is that Mary-Ann (from Gilligan's Island)?

    • Alperen

      that from Friday the 13th , either the first or the second one. Both were realeased in 1980s i think, so that ass probably belongs to some who is aroung her 40

    • Coldzilla

      I believe you are thinking of Kirsten Baker….

  • BBOB

    12 for the win

  • bless1

    #6- noice bounce gallery Chive!


    Holy shit what a post. Epic.

  • VampJenn

    #7 is she completely topless? that looks painful either way!

    • mojomojo444

      Would have hurt more if she was flat

    • wilson

      plastic boobs can take it. and if she's topless, then she has no nipples.

      • Scandalus

        Or has on pasties

        • Franklin1138

          Not all women have pepperonis, you know…not to mention that it's a gif, which is hardly the standard for high quality imagery.

  • stickeys

    #5 Ok, now it's my turn.

    • Shawn

      she looks like a whole lot of fun stuffed into a small little package, thats for sure

    • berg

      no bouncing here

  • Will doo

    #8 OMG!!! I'd like to do the same to her…

  • apple

    WHO IS #12

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #7 Airbags do come in handy

  • boob man

    who is #12 because she looks like she needs some help holding those monsters and i need to contact her to offer my services!!

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #6 #9 LEGIT

    • El BrandO

      Look up whooty on Youtube. You're welcome.

    • ogdan

      melody jai…. the original whooty. gorgeous girl, and just a really cool chick as well.

  • Fisheyes

    #2 did not bounce at all. Fail.

    • PERFECT 10


      • Eastwood

        katharine mcphee – I like her better as a brunette though.


    Anyone know who #12 is?

  • Da Sandman

    fail gallery…

    #7 her boob was probably leaking after that

    • HolyBalls

      Still, road rash on the boobies has got to be tough.

  • Mike

    Who is #12?

    • MacNCheesePro

      Ewa Sonnet from

      Enjoy 🙂

  • Dan

    #9 That's not even the most impressive part of her butt dancing capabilities. She is truly talented.

  • ydodonutshave2die

    #10 thats Beyonce right?

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