Things That Bounce Thursday (11 GIFS)

Please give this gallery a hot second to load...

  • ExistentialBanana

    Chive, I feel cheated. #1 has absolutely no bounce.

    • ExistentialBanana

      oops, meant #2

      • BigPoker

        Yeah I think 3 through the rest more than make up for it. It's still a nice rack either way. It's so hard to please some people.

  • P90

    #2 #5 #8 and #11

  • platypus



  • WirelessCable

    #6 NOOOOOOOOOO not the '80s again! (ban all '80s shorts)

    #12 I like what I see there

  • Greatscott

    #5 video here!

    • Metzger

      Nice rickroll. Now who the fuck is she? I've seen tons of gifs of her…

  • Heimdall

    #6 is from Friday the 13th, part 2

  • Josh

    #9 must be found dont let me down chive

  • GREW


    • Bob

      Kiss my ass troll fucker…
      Liking hot girls = straight you moron!

  • Stay Frosty

    #9 Just type in Whooty on Youtube and you'll be satistfied.

  • szagi

    #12 is Ewa Sonet

  • Joe

    #9…Greatest GIF E-V-E-R!!!!!

  • Atillan

    #12 is Ewa Sonnet, she is from Poland and she has been singing for a while and has a lot of NSFW videos around the web, feel free to google. 🙂

  • mtpuckhead

    #4 is quickly becoming my favorite gif

  • J

    9 is melody jai

  • ribz

    #12 is Eva Sonnet, a European model/singer. I think she has done nudes too

  • SoyBrand

    #12 Ewa Sonnet.

  • Motis

    #11 just right not too big, not too small !!

  • Jessica Payne

    WHOOTY!!!!! #9

  • ChadR

    #9. Is the MOST beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

  • bill

    #12 milk.

  • Billy Weiner

    Do you have any like this that explode on impact? Now that would be funny!

  • Billy Weiner

    Do you have any that EXPLODE on impact?

  • Billy Weiner

    How do I get it to post the gif I am commenting on?

  • dork

    #6 Friday the 13th part 2. You see more of her. Spent my 80's lusting for her.

  • alex

    #12 YESSSS

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