This won’t make you feel young (35 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed


  • sad

    well damn….

  • Eric

    "Goosebumps books were released between 1992 and 1997. There hasn’t been a new one in 14 years "

    And yet, not a day goes by that a child under the age of 14 doesn't ask for them at the library. Wow.

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  • crboi

    #2 i´m amazed they havent changed that…if they do then i´ll feel like a dinosaur. Also kids now a days SUCK! fuck ´em

  • suicide killer

    kurt killed himself

  • Penrath

    "Where's the Beef?" First Aired 27 Years ago….

  • James

    Who is #28? Is that Jenifer Connelly??

    • Anon

      Cameron Diaz

  • Angelo Theoharis

    Im scared!

  • Nathan

    I am so old, and I'm only 25…

  • Kobbin

    It is truly bull how they say "Most kids don't know what [floppy disc/rewinding] is."

  • Mack King

    Wow.. i actually teared up when i read these.. alot of my favorite video game series are this old too (around 15-20) Mortal kombat is almost 20.. i still remember when it JUST FUCKIN CAME OUT MAN! i was youngish.. around 9 or 10.. but god good times.. i remember all my fun i had with the PS1.. hell Twisted Metal, Resident Evil, Castlevania SotN.. goes on and on.. (i could give HUNDREDS of series i love) but i only spend my time on a select few games i buy every year and play todeath now.. (like warcraft and the new Mortal Kombat and such that just came out) i remember my mother would get paid and buy me and my brother a new PS1 game every week.. we looked forward to that so much.. now my brother is sick and sleeps alot.. i take care of him and my mom now… i look back at how things was and how they are now, and other then things getting (better) in the way of tech, and my future wife giving me such comfort things will never feel as good (in the way of rest, relaxation and pure peacefulness) as they did back then.. it really was the life.. sitting around with nothing much to do but play.. now work and watching my family die has stolen that 😦

  • Jhylla

    Surge has been sold in Norway and other European countries as Urge for years. In fact, Surge is an American import of Urge.

  • anon

    fucking shit i feel old now and am 27

  • jesssiika

    holy shiz… im not even that old x(

  • Mell Murda

    Fukk im 25 and this makes me feel like a sad old fart

  • Ryan Anderson

    Does anyone else think Vault tastes like Surge did?

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  • henryb

    Thank God for beer and naps.

  • Alan

    Dang, glad I saw read this before asking for one in the store …

  • Alan
  • Alan
  • Johnny Reid

    that was rough

  • Jacob

    If you are born in 1993, wouldn't you be 19 this year not 18?

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