Bridge looks…safe? (5 Photos)

This bridge is known as the Immortal Bridge and is located on Mt. Tai in China. It is comprised of 5 boulders that connect two mountain ledges that hover over a bottomless abyss. Allegedly people have and do actually cross the bridge.

  • James


  • Jesus

    [ PROTIP ] 5 PICS THAT ARE THE SAME IS GAY!Next time get off of your knees, and take more shots.

  • Jen

    is this just filler?

  • Giji

    ROCK ON!!!

  • sheoncebelieved

    #5 put there by the creators of Angry Birds

  • myhotrod1

    I would use it.

  • Dr. Yes

    Why wouldn't u cross it? You think those huge boulders are going to move with another 1-200 lbs on them?

  • DND

    new revolutionary way to do sex
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  • Mark

    Walk across rock bridge …Drink my own piss

  • chuar

    I've been there. Trust me if you fell off that bridge you would fall a loooong way to your death. It was about a 4 hour hike up the mountain just to get to this point. Tai Shan was stunningly beautiful though. They had huge calligraphy carved into the side of the mountain, and those crazy trees that somehow grow sideways out of sheer cliffs.

  • toby

    Not really sure why you would want to use the death bridge when there seems to be a perfectly wide, level piece of ground that the pictures are being taken from right next to it. With a great view of a death bridge.

  • D-Wiz

    pffft easily done. getting there would be harder.

  • Will

    I´d go first!

  • 6KJR

    Guess where theres one place youd never find me?

  • downfall616

    i'd take my 250cc over that no prob….. unless

  • downfall616

    5G and i'd stop to say hi to passers by

  • Dave

    Mind the gap

  • NoName

    Completely UNimpressed 😦

  • faemike55

    I'd cross it!

  • rkae

    Kind of reminds me of a Roger Dean painting for an album cover!

  • danno

    Mind the gap.

  • its_forge

    I call bullshit, how does one enter or leave the left-hand end of this bridge?

  • OOOO

    Extra large girls wedding

  • charles

    quite possibly the dumbest Chive post ever!

  • Andy

    looks like thats in the mountains in my area

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