• Sexybeast

    Imagine if were a joint…

    • RZA

      cat nip son! get yo' mid open

  • MDMD

    funny cat, and…first

    • Apocalypse_Now

      not so much..

  • Midi

    If it were a joint, the cat would let it go more easily (if the joint is lighted of course :D)

  • biff

    (if the joint was "Lit" of course )….sorry

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cristi-Palincas/100001225207844 Cristi Palincas

    That cat is all: "Mineminemineminemine!!!"

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    OUCH! TIme to declaw that little hellion.

  • hoosker

    my old cat would tear right through a leather jacket that was hanging in the closet just so he could devour whatever cigs were in there haha. You get a good feel for how addictive nicotine is when you see a cat going that crazy for cigarettes.

    • snowbird

      thank you for that elaborate story… cats are gay

      • Jesus

        nuff said

      • Mini

        Cats are mini tigers and pumas.

    • Haterade

      Don't you just love the new chiver hoosker? What a wonderful group of intellectuals.

  • Brian Napili

    In my country we eat cat

    • mitter78

      In mother russia … cat eat you

    • disturbed


  • name

    What upsets me about this video is that the cat appears to have been de-clawed. That's an awful thing to do to your animal.

    • name

      Why the fuck am I getting thumbs down for this you fucking idiots?

      • Another name

        You're getting thumbs down because it's not de-clawed. I can clearly see the claws, and the "human" retracts his hand every time the cat makes contact with his/hers paws. And no reason to hold a cat by the scruff if it doesn't have claws and its mouth is busy holding something…. you didn't even watch the video did you…

        • BeardPapa

          Holding a kitten by the scruff is totally natural when they are that small. It is how their moms move them around and 'generally' causes them to be more calm.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mickael.duncan1 Mickael Duncan

        1. Because your bleeding heart PETA bull is tired
        2. Because the cat is obviously not de-clawed
        3. Because we're fucking idiots for having a differing opinion from yours
        4. Because your name is name

        Need any more reasons?

        • Chris

          I believe that about sums it up

        • fuck peta

          haha thats awesome.

        • Chive_On

          Well said sir!


    Tough room…

  • konaehukai

    Those kittens are starting early these days.

  • Royce

    That cat needs some nicotine patches… It's quite the habit to kick.

  • maurice

    That's just stupid.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    best rename for this video i could think of: the smoking pussy
    yeah, i know, its been a long day

  • DND

    new revolutionary way to do sex
    go to


    • clickhere

      wats rong with u lol ?

    • Name

      Same virus link as that loser papperboy keeps posting. Why is the chive not banning their damn IP block from commenting?

  • ryan


    first comment, second reply

  • Ken Hogan

    Quit feeding your kitten cigarettes and buy a vacuum, that's a nasty ass floor.

  • Will

    kill that little shit

  • Da Sandman

    lol it thinks it's food ^^ hilarious vid

  • teg

    how the fuck is that funny?? little kittens addicted to drugs. wonderful…

  • Claire Bellot

    By the way that kitten is reacting, they obviously do horrible things to it all the time. They are morons.

  • http://955glo.com/winston-taste-good-to-a-kitten-video/ “Winston Taste Good” To A Kitten? [Video] - 95.5 GLO

    […] sticking the cigs in its ear.  Seriously though, this kitten has a SERIOUS addiction!  Thanks to TheChive for another great find!!! (yes, I’m a Chiver!) Hmm…Twitter is just as addictive as […]

  • Lindsey Maith

    Sorry Chive but that poor animal is obviously abused, not funny man.

  • Kayla

    The cat isn't addicted to nicotine, Cats are attracted to the scent of tobacco, it has absolutely nothing to do with nicotine. On another note, the cat isn't necessarily abused, I saved a three week old kitten I found on the street and for the first probably six months of his life that is how he reacted when someone tried to take food from him, or messed him while he was eating. So, really people should do there reserve any kind of judgement unless they are fully educated about the situation. I would NEVER abuse an animal, and that is how the kitten I SAVED reacted to what was deemed food being taken away from him, it's a horrible thing to accuse someone of a something as vile as animal abuse when you don't know the situation.

    • Kayla

      messed with him*
      should reserve *

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