If it fits, it ships: the reckoning (29 HQ photos)

Unless you live under a rock, you know the USPS claims that "If it fits, it ships" -aka jam as much shit as you can in a box and they will ship anywhere in the US for one flat rate depending on the size of box you use. We looked at the small print and it said "70 lb max weight limit". Which is A LOT if you think about it. So we sent 10,000 pennies to our sister, Emily who runs theBERRY in Nashville. The box weighed about 60 lbs and the USPS actually came through with their guarantee and delivered the package to Em. She could not lift it off the floor because she is a weak girl. Click HERE if you missed it.

We included a challenge to the Chivers to send us whatever they could fit into a USPS Flat Rate box. They answered by mailing some random ass, awesome shit. Thanks to everyone who participated. We planned on giving a shout to everyone who mailed us something but our intern, Mac, just loves cleaning up the office and trashed all the boxes. Dick.

We want to try this experiment again because we feel like Geraldo opening Al Capone’s safe except there’s cool shit inside. Whatever you send in, we will take a photo and post on theCHIVE with your name and location. Keep in mind, the potential awesomeness of this experiment relies on your creativity. If you own your own company or work for a cool company and you want to whore out your brand and be a hero at work, send us free stuff. If you send something pointless, like a pen with your real estate company name on it, we will attach it to helium balloon and send it to the Inland Empire.
Mailing address:

701 Ocean Front Walk, Sweet 6
Venice, CA 90291

  • USM_Eagle

    #18 should have sent a better cigar in tubo than a CAO Gold.

    • Todd from Indy

      that's all I had laying around…. ever seen a cigar laser engraved? I thought it was kinda of neat!

  • RatedR401

    #6 The guy plugging his ears!!!! hahahaha

  • Mark1971

    #15 the guy helping the math student should ask the student for a spelling lesson

  • Vornado

    Challenge Accepted!

  • BobSugar

    I love that it says "Sweet 6."

    • Cprl. LeDuque Winchester Hamilton, III

      I noticed that as well – figured it was too clever to be a typo.

  • Knuckledonkey

    #9 YEA! Gates Extra Hot is THE BEST

  • patov40

    Scumbag Steve would be proud.

  • MacNCheesePro

    #25 Exactly what I looked like on Halloween at my old job, lol! I was the only system admin with over 150 end users. I needed to hide like a ninja when possible.

  • Sizzle

    These guys are pretty good if they have enough influence to get a bunch of strangers to send cool shit to them. I mean really, the people that sent this stuff in must have no life whatsoever.

  • Bob

    "We want to try this experiment again because we feel like Geraldo opening Al Capone’s safe…" No shit you want to try it again. Free shit?? Hell I'll try it.

  • http://mynameisjay.com Jay

    By posting this you will now get 10x more crap in the mail.

  • Will

    This site just keeps getting lamer and lamer.

    • duh

      Amazingly enough, there's a simple solution to that. Just don't visit sites you find lame. See how easy that was?

  • Um, what?

    #17, #18, #19 Laser? Davie, are you out there?

  • That Guy

    i had a dream last night that i got something from the chive in the mail. they did something awesome to the package and now i can't remember what is was. chive on.

  • Michael Knaak

    #17 is my new wallpaper

  • Dylan

    ninja costume is awesome – now I have to think of obnoxious things to send the Chive office…hmm 😀

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    So, I can't get a shirt in a fucking medium ( which now I couldn't give a shit about, probably being sold at Hot Topix by now.) Now you want me to send you shit on MY dime?? For Shame……..

  • jaime

    Lmao I live in the inland empire. Fml. Thanks chive! 🙂

  • bobsky@yahoo.com

    #24 we can tell he's the intern…his ninja invisibility sucks!

  • Lauren Slingsby

    Sweet 6….nice moves

  • Greatnuss

    The KC gift package is amazing. You haven't lived until you have some KC BBQ.

  • Sly

    #19 I would pay money for those.

  • Kaiwatha

    #18 and #24 are pretty awesome…

  • Beer TIme

    #9 A Boulevard Amber or Pilsner would be great with some BBQ right now. Woodyard BBQ kicks Gates ass though!!

  • Frank

    That pain is good spicy garlic hot sauce made me cry when I was in the OC a few months ago, I was drunk and my buddy handed me a spoon full of it and said here try this, Naturally I ate the whole spoon full. My esophagus was on fire for an hour and I cryed like a lil baby. Fuck that shit! Feed some to Patty and he wont eat all day.

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