Lets take a trip down memory lane. TheCHIVE needs your help! (32 Photos)

Happy Friday, Chivers. I can’t think of a better way to cap off a week at theCHIVE then to let Chivers reminisce over their childhood. That’s right, the toys, the games, the eccentric outfits and hairdos. Pretty much anything and everything you can think of I would like to post on a weekly basis. There’s just one problem. Amazingly the internet is a bit thinner on nostalgia photos and content then you might think. And lets just say no new nostalgia photos are being posted anytime soon (funny thing about the past…it’s over).

So it’s up to you Chivers to help me populate the page every week with all your favorite parts of your upbringing. I want it all. Even if it’s just a photo of you wearing your favorite Care Bear outfit. Nothing to be ashamed of, you were just a stupid kid, right (Wink-wink, you were epic once). Anyways, I want it. And if all goes well we will post your childhood memories every Friday. Let the nostalgia flow through you!

Chive On!

  • papperboy

    (((((( NEW WAY TO DO SEX ONLY +18 go to the following))))))


  • papperboy

    (((((( NEW WAY TO DO SEX ONLY +18 go to the following))))))


  • earsnot

    wheres garbage pail kids i use to love those things

  • Razpaljokta

    I'm so glad i was born just in time to get a glimpse of some of this stuff!
    I still keep a BW gameboy somewhere around here…..

  • Efesen

    Go go Power Rangers !
    Why did I watch this ?… No clue. Hypnosis, maybe. Yea that's it. It MUST be hypnosis… ^^

  • mrjimmyos

    #31 those were the shit!

    Anywho I have a photo to take and submit

  • Tim

    #32…we have some soda, some purple stuff…oh hey…Sunny D!

    God I want some Purple Stuff.

    • Tim

      And, somehow Richard Scarry's book is the picture in my comment. I fail today.

  • OGMrWhite


    oh my god thats old school

    • nixt3r

      Try to achieve that level of awesomeness with a toy version of the MP3 players we have today. I think not. Kids are are really missing out these days.

  • https://www.facebook.com/nafa222 Gafataitua 'Nafa' Fa'alogo

    #1, #8, #18, & #21 = my childhood summed up in four pics

  • Jennifer Barton

    I believe we also forgot Rocket Pops, the Ghostbuster's "Fire" House, and the TMNT Tour VHS!! (something I am proud to own)

  • Smashasaurusrex

    For the longest time I thought they were saying “sit boo boo sit”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Krysta-Lee/1559343576 Krysta Lee

    Omg…. I'm only 18, but I feel incredibly old now. D:

    • 123

      If you were born after 1990 you don't get to say you feel old yet. Sorry.

  • Zac

    Where is the Talkboy from the home alone movies?

  • JDR

    #30 is from "Contra" . . . .an OUTSTANDING game

  • https://www.facebook.com/ssinfield Scott Sinfield

    Wow I still have #25 floating around my house somewhere. It is one of the things I still have that my granddad gave me before he died.

  • Sam

    #17. Smurfs are stupid. I am glad no one has made a movie about them to tap into the trend of re-hashing crap from 20 years ago to coerce money out of the nostalgic crowd.

    • Fool of a Took

      I have some bad news for you…

    • smurfmovie2011

      movie trailers state otherwise good sir

    • green

      Wrong again, Sammy Boy.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

    #29…now i wish the Ice Cream truck would drive by….

    • amrith777


  • FatBoy

    #7 I bought one of these for my 3-year-old nephew for Christmas this past year. It snapped on his finger the first time and he started to cry. Oops.

    • amrith777

      Good thing it was only his FINGER O_o

    • green

      Tell him to man up. It's not a real toy til it draws blood.

  • matt

    #8 ftw

  • mojo2975

    #13 the original Zelda, i would spend hours playing it.
    #22 playing tetris on the game boy was awesome.

  • MZC

    fuck Sunny D, I want that purple stuff

  • Bryan

    Sweet memories… #1 #9 #10 #22

  • wztarheel

    #31 Summer just ain't the same without the icicle.

  • GreyGhost9

    I wonder how many of these older things do our fellow young Chivers not even know about?
    #26 i might still have those in my basement, and #31 i got nostalgic everytime i have one.

  • misschris

    #31 – I have a whole new bag in the freezer at home Mmmmmmmm!

    • 123

      Yep, me too. Just put a few more "pages" of them in last night. "They're for the kids"…

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