Lets take a trip down memory lane. TheCHIVE needs your help! (32 Photos)

Happy Friday, Chivers. I can’t think of a better way to cap off a week at theCHIVE then to let Chivers reminisce over their childhood. That’s right, the toys, the games, the eccentric outfits and hairdos. Pretty much anything and everything you can think of I would like to post on a weekly basis. There’s just one problem. Amazingly the internet is a bit thinner on nostalgia photos and content then you might think. And lets just say no new nostalgia photos are being posted anytime soon (funny thing about the past…it’s over).

So it’s up to you Chivers to help me populate the page every week with all your favorite parts of your upbringing. I want it all. Even if it’s just a photo of you wearing your favorite Care Bear outfit. Nothing to be ashamed of, you were just a stupid kid, right (Wink-wink, you were epic once). Anyways, I want it. And if all goes well we will post your childhood memories every Friday. Let the nostalgia flow through you!

Chive On!

  • Freddy

    I almost started crying at #21

  • TjPshine

    Oh man…
    My aunt got my cousin once removed (her grandson) who is 3 number 7 for his birthday last week.
    I spent more time playing with it than he did 😀

    Ohh nostalgia. You get me every time

  • http://youtube.com/ImBrianFreedman Brian Freedman

    #9 Loved watching that. Going to YouTube to relive the memories and clay bloodshed.
    #11 Gotta get the Gold.

  • Jk

    #23 OMG

  • thegame

    Do-do-do-do ya have it?

  • James

    #26 win, the tastiest transformers

  • http://www.hailchiphale.com/2011/05/13/nostalgia-ultra/ Hail Chip Hale» Nostalgia, Ultra

    […] Cirillo, pilot of your journey down Metrodome lane.Yesterday, I was looking at a fun/saddening retrospective of the things we old people (~26 years old) used to enjoy as a child, on the wildly popular website […]

  • Wade Wilson

    #6 Still, to this day- I really, really, really want to nail Debbie Dunning. BAD.

  • Saine

    Please tell me someone else had a Gorzak: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_AK3IhXyemnk/S2j8uz3QKrI

  • D.downer

    i like it better when i see it on imremembering.com first… jist saying

  • OOOO

    revolution in sex doing styles


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marc-Shively/100000499972833 Marc Shively

    I completely forgot about little people!!!

  • Breanna

    #28 is still delicious and I have #31 in my refrigerator right now! Oh, the days…

  • green

    I was thinking the same thing, dude. Speak & spell too.

  • Dawn

    I had that same Fisher Price airplane!

  • tvalora

    #34 OJ, PURPLE STUFF….

  • JessicaJipping3

    just go to my Pinterest board….I have about 1500 80's/90's Nostalgia pictures.. .http://pinterest.com/jsweet1981/80-s-90-s-nostalgia/

  • https://www.facebook.com/MikeyPop Michael Stuprich III

    these always make me wish my mom would have kept all the hold toys and stuff that i stupidly stopped wanting as a kid. when i die i will seal all my nostalgia in a pyramid.

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