Meanwhile in Asia (26 photos)

  • Mr. Mean

    Oh but it did. I'm on the recieving end of internet RAGE by a fuxking long haired red headed cock smoker. Which I might add, still cant tell if both dudes or ugly chicks. I sympathize for its anger, if I looked like that, I would walk in front of a bus.

    • ...

      i was replying to Chief idiot guy.

      • Mr. Mean

        Oh hell, see, its the rage… My apologies.

        • ...

          hahaha…no worries. he started it. i'm on your side.

          • Chiefs420

            Nice job on the name. I see you found the periods your wife's been missing. Because of me.

            • Mr. Mean

              I cant see how thats anatomically possiable for you.

            • ...

              have fun with my wife! take her pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  • Krysta Lee

    #1 takes food on the go to a whole new level. o.0

  • Dave

    What the fasination with the penis over there

  • The Pict

    Neither is telling him that wasn't helpful.
    Do you have a title or a link to the vid, Darksoul?

    • DCBizzle




      ………the fuck?

  • Krysta Lee

    #13 I just saw this on after seeing this here. Luckily, I now know what this is. It's worse than we thought. o.o It's called "Boong-Ga Boong-Ga"
    Google it. And cry for our humanity… Dx

    • Krysta Lee

      Wow… I fail. It meant #14….

      • amrith777

        They BOTH look very suspect to me…and yet….I'm still curious.

  • onlyme

    W.T.F!! SCARY!

  • Northman

    #14 Forever Alone the video game?

  • nomnomnomnom

    #9 Spirited Away is a great movie!!

  • bkfrijoles

    I really thought #18 was a GIF so i starred at it for like 2 mins

    • amrith777

      And then?

  • MoistSnuff

    #25 Nothing beats the heat of a hot summer day like Condom Ice Cream!!

  • A Fan

    If you liked that movie, you should check out Paprika. Saw it the other day and thought it was great.

    • McBeastie

      Paprika was trippy as fuck.

  • Chris

    #21 is South America…CHIVE FAIL.

    • Bill

      No, it's in the Philippines.

    • amrith777

      But a giant WIN for Bedrock!! : )

  • minorityofthemajority

    #3 should be the new wonder woman

  • DND

    new revolutionary way to do sex
    go to

  • chong

    dont be fooled 100 yen is about 1 U.S. dollar

    • cheech

      actually its yuan and its 15.38 usd artard murrrikann

  • mmmm

    why is it that thechive always rips content straight from izismile, and usually a day late too??

  • @ScottCO09

    #20 Samuel L. Jackson's next project… Pigs on a Train.

  • kiersten

    can I just say I just recovered from living with a FOB for almost a year (my bf and I of 5 years, both loyal CHIVEers, years and this son of a bitch)…never have I EVER come into contact with an individual of such STENCH of body and food..he moved out a week ago and we can still smell that shit when we walk past his room..THANK YOU INDIVIDUAL LEASES! No, its cool..we're damn near common law marriage with a temperamental Beagle/Jack Russell mix..CHIVEon with he weird Asian shit…PURDUE LOVES theCHIVE!

  • Khaqan Javaid

    I wonder what is the fascination with all that? o.0

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  • Tessa

    #9 is from Spirited Away! Great great movie!

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  • Trey

    #2 is Johhny Dang…he makes all the custom jewelry for the local Houston rappers!!!

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