Hot Girls in the Middle of Nowhere (24 HQ Photos)

  • Justin Hall

    #19 Can it be? …The fabled "Behind Boob"?

    • Jazzhammar

      Either way, its good stuff

      • chived

        i think you should stick to "behind boob" cos "backboob" is usually found on fat guys…
        anyways yay for behind boob!

        • Devihc

          I think we need a behind boob gallery now.

          • thing

            Behind boob = when the side boob is so epic she doesn't have to turn sideways…

    • BentWrenches

      holy meholy

    • Paula_

      OMG you don't know? This is Sidewinder Boob.
      Another fine example here:

      – the one you love to hate

      • Anon

        Holy shit.

        Why was that not a troll link?

      • jimi

        had to give you a thumbs up for that link paula…. that behind boob is pretty awesome

      • Catalystika

        Um, wow. I wonder how much time, money, and engineering went into those wonders of modern science. Thank you so much for that delightful imagery. See? Isn't contributing to the Chive community in a positive way fun?

    • theRealRealist

      Possibly, but think about it and look carefully…her boobs are down to her belly button. I mean, I'll need more proof of this claim, but from this view, they look to be extremely saggy for the age she looks to be

    • Catalystika

      I can't help but find myself wondering why #15 and #18 weren't part of the FLBP post. They definitely qualify in spades.

  • maximum_high

    #16 I salute you.

    • Filipe Cardoso

      Lucy Pinder .. because someone will ask..

    • ryan

      lucy pindleskin

    • jay


  • Dave

    #1 is AWESOME

    • COCO

      She is wearing too much makeup, probably a man underneath all that stuff

  • jabie

    As a woman, I can confirm that this woman is gorgeous. I fear for her boobs in the future though :

    • Darth Neegro

      Great, Thanks. No one needs your confirmation, we just wanna know if youd go down on that.

      Now get back to the kitchen, we're all hungry from postin in here.

      • BentWrenches

        shut uo neegro

    • Elbie

      don't fear big boobs, enjoy being engulfed!

      • hMMMM

        I think she's trying to point out the lack of boobage in this picture, which baffles me b/c how can you take a picture of this girl and make her look flatchested?

  • Sanman

    #16 Sweet Jesus!

    • Shane Mackay

      no sweet Lucy

  • Dr. Balls

    #21 This has to be the best Hot Girls in the Middle of Nowhere post yet!!!! PLZ MOAR HQ!!

    • DefendDallas

      Completely agree, stunning.

  • Chesty Laroo

    #23 "so hot. want to touch the heinie " -A.S. FIND/MOAR please!!

  • Bread Pitt

    #22 LOL is she on a couch?? I guess if she's not in the kitchen she's in the middle of nowhere.
    #12 is clearly rolling around in a field in high heels and spandex. This is normal.

    • george takei

      #12 is distracting the police helicopter so I can buy some dank safely.. Thanks ho, youre a lifesaver.

    • Anon

      I think she's just waiting for me to put it in her butt.

  • George

    Even the middle of nowhere is somewhere when these girls are around

  • Anon sort of

    whores… who are hot

    • Dr. Balls

      Dude if you're gunna troll, at least be creative. I can just picture you spending 15 minutes coming up with that moronic comment, then punching it in one key at a time, you fucking doofus.

    • Nigga Beata


      • Darth Neegro

        why you gotta beat a nigga, that aint right.

        Imma shit in your driveway behind that chevy on crates, then Imma pee on all the wood you use to build giant crosses. Next time you burn one at a ralley it's gonna smell horrible.

    • poot

      i wouldn't fuck em. probably end up catching something nasty.

      • cookzone

        Maybe it is more likely they would get something from you if you did.

      • Darth Neegro

        you wouldn't fuck these babes because you love mansex, not because you would catch something. If you were worried about catching something you wouldn't be slobbing knobs on santa monica blvd

        • its_forge

          Lord, can we get this guys entire Domain Name Server blocked? So that nothing can come from anywhere in a 500-mile radius of wherever the fuck he is? Please?

  • RedKnight

    # 16 is beautiful

  • Fred

    #12 I think its called the pile driver

    • BentWrenches

      i think your right

    • Maynard B.

      Perhaps she's making an offering?

    • Hermes

      Exactly! I thought it was obvious.
      Although, I prefer "Beef Dip"

  • markus schulz

    #16 MOAR!

  • captainobvious

    what a bullshit title!!! I live in the middle of nowhere and trust me – none of these lovely ladies are anywhere near here!

    BTW the answer for # 12 – you are making my pants tighter, that's what you are doing.

    • Rioni

      …Randy? 😛

  • Bruce

    #12 Not me unfortunately.

    • poot

      no one wants to do your ugly ass.

      • cookzone

        This is the second time I found you posting something worthless. Troll where you are needed, like at a garbage dump site.

        • Bruce

          Onky the second, Geez you're really smart aren't you? Did your mother fuck a retard to have you dumbass?

      • Bruce

        She's not ugly poot. Your standards are too high.

  • V.A.

    #16, #22: In the words of Deepak Chopra…. Yummy.

  • Jaf

    #13 is beautiful…
    The girl is cute too

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #8 now turn around please

  • Velociraptr

    Find #1, and get me her number

  • saffer

    Putting a child in a thread of semi-naked girls and on top called hot girls is inappropriate. Take 15 out.

    • Nephilim

      Where the hell do you people come from? Leave 15 right where it is and you get a reality check or GTFO.

    • STC

      Yeah, she stays. And I would do terrible terrible things to her.

    • f1junkie

      don't know about the child part, she should be out just because she's not hot

      • Nigga Beata


    • kornerr

      I mean damn !! A lil bit of self control never hurt anybody … just f'ckin control yourself !! You make it sound like you wank to every picture and now feel bad because you realised too late she was a minor … ugh

    • its_forge

      WTF is the issue with you damn people? It's a picture of a fully clothed young woman shooting an AK-47. The only way this is perverse is if YOU'RE a pervert.

    • V.A.

      You gotta get em before the hair does!

  • Amelia

    #1 Is absolutely stunning. Beautiful woman.

    • hMMMM

      So hoping that #18 is a picture of her back…

  • -KhmerStory-

    One of your best posts yet. Especially #1 😉

  • Marko

    #15 is questionably hot, but most definitely in the middle of nowhere.

    • Irlnick

      She is professional Russian don't try at home da.

    • Darth Neegro

      I liven in a place like this once…they were prolly shooting at me. Us niggas can run fast tho.

      Thats why we eat so much fried chicken…it greases our joints and we can escape from rednecks with firearms.

      • its_forge

        Can we just block whatever half of the planet this jagoff is posting from?

    • bloody loco

      them waffles give me the fuel i need to run far too. You need that energy when your carrying a big tv all that distance.

      • BentWrenches

        biscuits and gravy,just sayin……..

      • hMMMM

        Good thing they're making tvs lighter these days.

    • JulieRush

      and looks decidedly like jailbait.

      • Nigga Beata

        nah, she'd have to be hot to be jailbait.

  • The_Bandit

    Let there be some breeze and blow that piece of clothing away….and it would blow my mind…

    • Darth Neegro

      No it's to blow all that stank away after I was done pissin' in her.

    • Spivias

      is that a wedding ring……

      • The Bandit

        …or maybe this one actually just simply walks into Mordor!

        • its_forge

          Not just walk, *sashay.*

  • Jay Cue

    #16 FTW Thank you Lucy!

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