Soooo…… You got wasted (21 Photos)

  • El Presidente

    #17 is the exception that confirms the rule. I think?

    • Paula_

      This one needs a captation: PARTY HARD!

      – ruining parties since forever

      • method_man

        paula i would enjoy you at a party…. ya would be someone to rip into the night

      • Dylan Termeer

        Which one Paula? Which one!

    • DaddyD

      No. This is what geeks look like when they are wasted.

    • u are dumb Rick


      • Juan M.


    • 13ms13

      #17 was taken at a Polish math contest. You can laugh at these guys as much as you want, just know that the second dude from the left double majored in software engineering and mathematics, he is one of the best coders alive, and he's currently employed by Google probably making more money than any of the haters 😛

    • Mickael Duncan

      I think the idea is that the only way that the father had sex with anyone is due to alcohol

  • Blargh_Matey

    I could watch #10 all day. DUI on a pig.

    • chived

      he didnt get wasted – he got awesome

    • BloodScrubber

      ….and then he rode his breakfast allll the way home.

      • Wee Wee Weee

        And this little piggies goin for a beer run!!! Yeeeeeeaaaahhhhh

    • Ale

      This is from "Crna macka, beli macor" a movie by Serbian director Emir Kusturica, 1998. Great movie btw

    • YupYupYup

      Too many nights out have ended bareback on a pig…

  • jason

    I remember the first time I had a beer

    • Sick

      I dont

    • 6655321

      Was it when you were 17?

  • LanceFabulous

    #21 A substantial beeramid, nice work gentlemen.

    • BobSugar

      Dude on the bottom left worked up quite a sweat.

  • Beevatron

    They all look very serious about it! They can't have just drank all of those!


    • nef

      basically water

    • Hrimfaxi

      I guess they all collapsed the split second after the pic was taken.

    • b.o.l

      or you know, they had just saved up the cans from before

  • Lou101

    #21 – Challenge accepted !

    • 6655321

      Use a couple of bottles from NOT piss water and you're better then them.

  • @Scandalus

    #4 the guy on the right looks like one of the guys from this season of The Ultimate Fighter. Can't remember his name.

    • Badfish

      Thats cause this season sucks and no one can remember any of their names.

    • tralfaz

      His name is ultimate fighter guy.

  • The Bandit

    The Gun in the back…use it!

    #14 #18
    both definetly wins!

    • Radam

      #9 them things would flop for weeks

  • Beasty

    Two wild and crazy guys!!

    • storesy

      Russian rave in forest….unf unf unf

      • SeaBassEX

        The look like they're all having grand mal seizures.

        • Slomotje

          It looks like these people are having a great time, I remember the first time I took XTC. Probably kinda what all these people are going through… kinda

      • ronnie

        They are wearing really weird clothes :/ And everybody is skinny.

      • Jonathan Prack

        Half the people there have mullets, looks like a good time.

  • Stupid_Donkey

    #16 – Drunk, hands tied up, and assumed the position. My kind of girl…

  • mskris

    #19 The Fat Jew . . . . he knew perfectly well what he was doing

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #10 come on, admit it. only on alcohol can anyone be this cool!

    • Pat

      #10 Meanwhile in Mexico…

  • iambigd42

    #21 Is it just me or does the guy in the red shirt (right) look like he needs to take a dump and is pissed off about it.

  • Fredo

    #19 looks like a behind the scenes shot from Epic Mealtime.

  • Richard

    To the people who drink Bud Light, YOU FAIL!

    • Christopher McGowan

      How about you stop worrying what other people are drinking and worry about drinking your damn beer. kthxbye

    • Robert

      Miller Lite for the win. (cheap light domestic)

  • DutchChiveFan

    #3 looks like a great party
    #18 My hero, oktoberfest Munchen Germany.

    • Rupert

      I've tasted that HB beer!!!


    • john

      Looked like a great party the first time chive posted it.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        And I believe this might be the third time they've posted it…..Must be one helluva party!!

  • Missingthechive

    Fix the app!!!!

  • method_man

    #11 is humdinging

    never gets old though

  • Adi

    #10 is just awesome 😀

  • Dylan Termeer

    buddy noooo!

    • Stevo

      pencil test fail fo sho'

    • JSM

      I do believe Red's gonna get some action.

    • tralfaz

      She's already got her O face on.

  • James

    #21 You look serious… but you're drinking fking LIGHT/LITE. Man up, from Australia.

    • TinFoilHatSoldier

      Agreed. How old are these guys? Only kids in high school and Americans feel the need to "prove" the amount they drank. Just a little advice from Canada.

  • Codey

    #21 is it time for bowling

  • WirelessCable

    #8 In Russia, Vodka drink you!

    • Ani

      He almost crossed the Finish line xD

    • Leon

      The line says "FINISH"

  • Mikerhinos

    #7 Epic photobomb ! 😀

    • tralfaz

      He also has a drinking problem.

    • DefendDallas

      I know I am not the only one out there who has done this as well. I feel like an a$$ everytime I do it…

  • traviemccoy

    #20 reminds me of my roommate

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