Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • drewscriver

    Find her #2 !!!

    • COCO

      That is a man so Find Him!!

    • Brother Maynard

      And return her to the Ringling Brothers.

    • That Guy

      her name is Mrs. That Guy… or Miss That Guy fling.

    • http://twitter.com/dalton_matt @dalton_matt

      Find Hair!

    • Whoever

      This hair is 20% cooler.

  • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    #15 thats way natural…

    • Julien

      wait she's not black?

    • dzine

      look at their hands

      • GK-4


        • Vagina Jones

          More like tocuh-a-bros.

          • Vagina Jones


            fuck I can't type today.

    • Catence

      The new version of hover hands?

  • Random

    #47 she can handle my bazooka anytime

    • COCO

      I hope you do not mean that in a sexual way. Wrong and rude to women in general.

      • SteveySteveSteve

        He obviously meant that he was volunteering a spare AT-4 for her to use in the war on terror. Get your mind out of the gutter.

      • jimi

        he didn't mean anything rude or wrong by it…. he meant he wants her to handle his penis until it explodes and shoots rockets all over her face… whats wrong with that? i thought it was very romantic.

      • Jacksansjill

        Id give you two thumbs down if I could. Get a sense of humor then come back to the Chive.

      • Brother Maynard

        I wouldn't worry. If she's offended I bet she can handle her own.

    • amrith777

      Very sexxaayyy…..

    • 6655321

      Not a bazooka and it's backwards. Still…

  • AbedNadir

    #1 Forever alone.

    • Vagina Jones

      Reminds me of the Sesame Street skit with the song: "One of these is not like the others!"

  • Haterade

    I am far too busy at work today to properly start a DAR conversation, so I will just go for thumbs up this time:

    Fuck nerds, fuck homos, fuck paula, fuck haterade, fuck hipsters, but most importantly, fuck bitches, ‘cause bitches love to get fucked.

    • donkeyjote

      a couple to add:

      fuck homophobes, fuck misogynists.

    • ScottyMac

      You are a total tool how about Fuck you

      • DrROBOTO

        you screwed it up it goes like this; Here's to women we love and here's to women we fuck, if the women we fuck don't love us, fuck them here's to us. (drink shot)

        • Vince

          Never heard that before … that is awesome.

        • Liv

          Definitely from I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

          nobody is original anymore **tear**

      • Haterade

        I included that.

    • Jesus

      FUCK YOU!

    • Jimbo

      Haterade = No talent ass clown

    • LukeSkywalker

      Epic fail on that whole getting thumbs thing.

  • Random

    #8, #9 – douchebags, now available in twin pack

    • Richard M. Turner

      "Jumbo-sized" twin pack.

      • Derk-magurt

        baracka flacka is sitting behind them!

    • SteveySteveSteve

      Not orange, no spiked hair, no gold chains, no popped collars… I'm skeptical of douchebaggery but reserving judgement on this one for now.

      • Firefighter23

        Nope there is a large amount of douchebaggery in these photos. Yeah add that word to your fucking dictionary children.

      • GK-4

        the steroids and fake tits
        aren't an indication?

    • Nastee

      Any dipsh*t who thinks it's cool to inflate his muscles to this size is clearly a douchebag.
      His clearly plastic girlfriend is one as well.

      • SteveySteveSteve

        Oh I'm not saying the evidence isn't there. But with the given evidence he might just be an idiot. Also, I'm not entirely sure his "girlfriend" is a girl. Perhaps his plastic is overcompensating for a tiny one and "her" plastic is overcompensating for a big one.

    • Dazilla

      Bet he can't even wipe his own ass…muscles that big are ridiculous and unnecessary.

      • kornerr

        Now we found why she's with him ! they suit each other very well too.

    • duh

      At some point, guys like this cross the line from looking pumped to looking like they sat on an air hose. He crossed it quite a while ago…

      • ryman

        Eh to each their own, we cant really judge what makes them happy. Just less fake girls we have to worry about imo.

    • captainobvious

      I have that same shirt as #9, only I bought the normal size

  • Adam

    #41 I find it extremly sexy as well.

    • Nathan Hart

      Ditto. No hesitation.

      • Logic

        fat girls try harder!

        • OwnerOfYou

          How is this woman fat? I think she has a normal average and healthy body weight

          • Lose a Few

            Let me turn this around on you and ask how this woman is not fat?

            • rmass

              Theres no denying that she is overweight. She may have a cute face but if you covered that up and looked at the picture before all the touch ups I'm sure it would look a lot worse

              • Mike

                do you know what overweight means? youd be surprised what the healthy natural weight is for a women her age/height

                • ryman

                  Those figures are so skewed. I am 6'-1 and my healthy weight is 170. I would look anorexic at that weight. Healthy weight is dependent upon body type. This woman is curvy and delicious.

                  • Trainer

                    If you think that 6'1" at 170 lbs is anorexic… you have never seen an anorexic. 90lbs at 6'11" is anorexic, 170 is normal.

                    • bob

                      no, 170 is not. unless youre body frame is that of a a string bean.
                      if you have even the slightest bit of shoulder width then 180-190 is normal.
                      if you actually work out or have broader shoulders, 200-220 is normal, and up.

              • Tony Toni Tone

                you both have tiny penises and you're douchebags, good luck with that-

                • http://www.facebook.com/people/Haz-Ramos/585317555 Haz Ramos

                  i like your position on this no joke

        • STC

          That'll do pig, that'll do.

          • lolcat


    • oh4fuckssake


    • toban

      if there are no curves, your having sex with a 12 year old boy, she is sexy as fuck

      • Angry Kid

        I love how people now refer to fat chicks as "curvy." If you're having sex with something and you can't see the shape of their body, you're fucking a cow. Hamburger.

        • Tony Toni Tone

          God you're a loser

          • lol

            Another great insight from your typical, "friendly" Chiver.

      • Quatchi

        Thats the same as saying a fat girl is the same as a fat boy. How about we start to use logical insults.

        • Danger Pat

          Genius. That was an amazingly awesome point that needed to be made. Thanks

    • COCO

      Personally, too big for my taste. Prefer thin or skinny

    • BSS

      Like a girl with a little meat on her. Better than banging a lump of bones and skin.

      • Signal_Lost

        Or, my favorite, a bag of antlers.

    • ROK247

      that'll do, that'll do…

    • Nah

      It's cool, keep the fat chicks to yourself.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Could stand to lose a few pounds but definatly would get a thumbs up from me, or penis up for that matter.

    • Pedro Maia

      My kind of girl.

    • Bry

      Yep. Beauty is beauty. There's more to it than skinny and blonde. Nice to see a realistic figure appreciated.

      • Nope

        Not realistic, fat. Realistic figures are those you see in classic art, before McDonalds and Wendy's were around.

        • Tony Toni Tone

          you've never witnessed a woman having an orgasm, have u fucktard?

          • Danger Pat

            As far as insults go… you are really bad at them.

            • DefendDallas

              Hahahaha!!! Well put!

          • fail

            You are pretty much extremefail at commenting, please stop.

        • Yes I would

          Realistic Figures in Classic art???? Those were mostly idealized forms painted and scuplted by people not a whole hell of a lot different from those of us today except the women they painted had more on them than most supermodels/actresses do today. Real Women have Curves. I am sorry your mother never loved you growing up and you need some anorexic bitch in your life to feel like a man.

        • Jaime

          nice comment. of course you clearly have no idea what classic art is, do you? ever heard of rubens? have a look at the kind of women he thought were beautiful. and at least do some research before making ignorant comments.

      • Quatchi

        Beauty is an opinion. And she is still not realistic, at least by your standards of skinny and blonde not being realistic.

      • cjayy

        glad to know some men actually think this way

    • Mike

      Nice to a women with a little meat on the bones. Nice……very nice!

    • Urban

      I'm sure to some she is sexy but she's not for me. Pretty face though.

      • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.a.sampson Thomas Allen Sampson

        Id rather have that then some skinny bitch

        • Quatchi

          fat girls are just as bitchy as skinny girls. key point: all girls are bitchy.

    • Sean Holden

      She is absolutely gorgeous. I'm happy to let you other fools pine over women that are shaped like 10 year old boys.

      • Quatchi

        If skinny girls actually looked like 10-12 year old boys, there would be a lot more pedophiles out there. Or there would be less interest in skinny girls.

        • Dan

          Solid logic. You win.

      • Sigh

        Probably the dumbest thing I've heard all day, and I teach remedial English.

        • mark

          Best comment ever.

    • Knuckledonkey

      YES! This is my type. Hit it HARD AND OFTEN!

      • Danger Pat

        Yep, I'm sure that will make her feel beautiful in that body she has to haul around. I bet you are from the South.

    • mick

      I would take a bigger girl over a skinny bones n skin model any day

    • Angry Kid

      Hmmm, most Chivers find fat chicks attractive. At least you're keeping your goal realistic. I'd take a gorgeous, fit girl over this diabetes-on-the-way cow any day.

      • OwnerOfYou

        Goddam it, you must be a kid. I bet you never even got your dick went. This woman is not fat. People of Walmart… now they're fat! This woman has a normal and average body weight. I bet her doctor would tell her she's doing just fine.

        • Angry Kid

          U mad bro? She is clearly quite plump.

        • mkoro

          Sorry champ, but a chick is overweight if her thighs touch imo.
          Gotta have some gap – that has none.

          • pdx

            I ran a marathon and my thighs still touch. You really need to reconsider your thoughts on overweight women.

            • ryman

              Angry Kid = Virgin 4 lyfe

              • Angry Kid

                You got me.

          • Tigs

            Well, if a blonde bag of bones are what turns you on, fair play…

      • JPC

        We get it. You prefer your women with bulging biceps and pecs instead of tits, like the ones Bob includes in his fit girl posts.

        The rest of us will take the women that don't look like dudes, thank you very much.

    • Jak

      I'd pee in her butt

    • LMAO

      Take the palm of your hand… put it over her face in the picture. Now you have a photo of your grandmother. Gross, dude.

    • Randyflagg

      I'm not into [big/thick/curvy]. Great features though, if I could just get that in an athletic or petite size…

    • bht

      Now that its coming out that all the guys like this, I bet more girls will send in photos. Less fear of the "evil male chivers" ha

      • TBH

        Fat chicks on Sexy Chivers… yay?

      • FemAnon

        I just may

    • TheRealSnowman

      Hell. Yeah! 'Nuff said! Big girls are beautiful. =D

    • OwnerOfYou

      I'd marry the hell out of this woman. She should get her own post.

      • anonnnnn

        id let her play with my penis but i dont think i would marry her. fat girls like to ride it hard though got to make sure you can handle the extra payload. but all in all id cum on her eyebrows

    • rush.pike


    • Pepito Suarez

      It's cool that she has high self esteem and all… but I don't find her attractive.

    • Blockhead

      Yep… she's a hottie.

    • Dylan

      She's a woman not a girl. And totally fucking hot. Anyone over the age of 25 who wouldn't get down with that 'cause they think she's too "fat" is simply following along with our societal obsession with youth and the body type that comes naturally only at a young age.

      • Angry Kid

        So, by your own logic, the majority of people over 25 would consider this girl fat, since anything referred to as societal is driven by popular demand.

        • quintus

          Can you please stop commenting? You might think you're intelligent, and you very well may be, but your comments are simply dumb. I'd try to explain it to you, but I don't care to and you wouldn't listen anyways. Just know that you are behaving rather idiotically.

          • Angry Kid

            No, I won't stop commenting because it's my right to express my opinion. So shut the fuck up and crawl back to whatever shithole you crawled out of. How's that for intelligent?

            • LessAngryAdult

              Wow, what a wit. It's kids like this that show us just how much reform the education system requires. It's every bodies right to express their opinions, true. However, it would help if you could form a sentence without sounding like a prepubescent teenager.
              When you ask "How's that for intelligent?" make sure it was worth asking in the first place. I've read smarter things on a cereal packet.
              You should enjoy the fact that there are different women in the world. It means that there may be a chance (no matter how small) that someone out there would want to put up with you.
              Anyway, this woman is extremely pretty. I hope it encourages the sexy Chivers out there. And I hope the positive responses will show that children like this are in the minority in the Chive family.

    • http://www.boomtownradio.co.uk gifted_beatnik

      yeah man- this is sexy as hell.

      curves in all the right places.

    • joe


    • poseidon

      This woman is not fat, she is a real woman for those that dont know what one looks like. In studies conducted this is the preferred shape of a woman men are attracted to. Hollywood wants you to believe otherwise. But a woman with a little meat on her bones will always get more guys checking her out. I did not say fat women or BBW are more attractive but the thick ones like this image are what most guys want. Fat women are not attractive to me and I think they are disgusting. But as I said earlier this one is not fat. Real women like this should get the respect they deserve and their should be more of them in movies and magazines.

    • shallow hal

      i love how all these dudes claim how "big is sexy" "big is beautiful" ok we get it ur not as shallow as the rest of us, yeah shes an attractive woman but i bet if all these "big is sexy" guys had a choice of boning this same girl or mila kunis, 99 % of them would pick the latter. Trust me

      • jim

        count me in the 1%, not really a big fan of mila kunis, but thats just me 🙂

      • JHL1

        What we really want is this woman AND Mila at the same time – oh yeah

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Waller/1574583345 Kevin Waller

      Absolutely not. It's extremely gross, no girl that HUGE should be allowed to take photos such as this and disgrace this site, or the internet in general.

      • Catence

        Judging by all the thumbs up, most people agree that this girl is incredibly sexy. As for all the assholes who deem her not chive-worthy? Take it up with John or GTFO.

      • ambam

        id listen to kevin….. if he was attractive. your facebook should be shut down and not allowed to disgrace the internet with your ugly mug!

    • traderjew

      Damn i would. i can just tell shes the type that feels nice and soft

    • Smitty

      YES, absolutely yes. Unlike #48… someone feed that poor girl.

    • Poontangler

      You sir are a Husky Huncher…………and that's al-fuckin-right!

    • PianoFingers

      Well, it IS sexy that she is posing, and that she's wearing nice real lingerie – the kind that she'd actually wear under her normal clothes on a nice day, and her curves are nice too. But all in all: let's just be friends. I would have loved to yell MOAR or something, but it didn't feel right.
      Oh, and then somebody threw in a pic of Maria Ozawa (#48), that's not fair to this girl.

      • Mugatu

        Am I the only one who notices how photoshopped her muffin top is? If she wore a tight shirt her stomach would be hanging over her pant line. Granted she does have a beautiful face and i would totally go after it, but she is definitely overweight.

    • Samuelle

      Can't you all agree on horses for courses? Some people like bigger, some people like skinny…means there's a girl for everyone!

    • Hooka

      HELL YES SEXY!!!!!

    • Jay

      More of her and more like her!!!!!

    • bob

      fuck ya

  • AbedNadir

    #5 Ima sit in in this tub rather than swim in that sweet ocean that is five feet away.

    • Vince

      Ye, usually tubs are for cleansing …

  • Chris_Mason

    #41 A little thick, but not too bad.

    • Evelyn

      this is the actually the "real" woman you chivers claim to just LOVE. average size in U.S. is 14, not 2

      • jonathan

        Holy shlt. 12 is not too bad but 14 is getting a little on the larger side.

      • Lose a Few

        Just because there are a lot of fat chicks in the U.S. doesn't mean I have to find them hot. Avergare were I live is much more fit that this woman.

        • its_forge

          I really, really bet not.

          • Lose a Few

            Considering I am in one of the Top 5 fittest cities in the U.S… yes. Fat = unfit, end of story.

            • Vince

              There's a fittest cities in the US?

              • DCMOFO

                I'm in Colorado which is supposedly the slimmest state and there plenty of fat folk roaming around.

                • Loverade

                  Sure there are, there are fat people everywhere. There are just much less of them here in CO, than say… Alabama.

            • its_forge

              One, that woman's far from fat; two, I'd bet a thousand bucks right now that the average women in YOUR "fit" city looks more like this woman than anything even approaching your fantasy ideal. You have absolutely no idea what the average physique is, you live in a dream world.

              • Lose a Few

                Please, define average physique for us all, since apparently you know the weight and appearance of every person in my city (which you don't even have a clue what it is). Nice try, try again.

                • its_forge

                  Snerk. I'm assuming you're in the US. Tell us all won't you what this mythical US city is where the average physique is slim and fit as opposed to the entire rest of the US where the average woman is a size 14 and the average man wears 40-inch slacks. Tell us where this mythical city is so we can all move there and raise the average back up where it's supposed to be. Tell us, is it called Supermodelville? Do the girls all walk around in bras and panties every day? Do the dudes all wear Speedos and actually look good in them? Must be an amazing place, this Supermodelville. Let's all move there. ::eyeroll::

                  • Angry Kid

                    Why don't you fucking tell us since you made your pompous know-it-all statement earlier. Don't try to cover your baseless argument with some bullshit about how everyone in the U.S. is overweight and it's ok. Just because you're a fat slob doesn't mean everyone else is.

      • Pwithc

        I mean yeah 14 is average but that average is heavily (ha) skewed by the fact that 2/3 of all people in the US are overweight. There is a difference between "real" and what average is.

        • its_forge

          No man, average is average. You didn't take any statistics classes in school did you?

          • prankster

            average is average, but let's talk standard deviations. douche.

            sexy according to the chive isn't average (see sexy chivers and the selections made by the chive), and all you people are blinded of "real" by your lauren gentiles et al. these girls aren't real…if they were, they wouldn't send their photos into the chive for all of you voyeurs and gawkers. you've all been duped by the chive and you keep falling for it every day. enjoy your FLBP, and sexy chivers…me, i'll meet women in person and not shoot to impress them in the comments section of a lame-ass blog.

            • Hypocrite

              And yet here you are…

    • Boooooomb

      Let's be honest here. She looks like a cow, but you'd still hit it after a few,

      • PartyMarty

        I'd hit it stone cold sober. That's a gorgeous girl.

        • doublemeat

          Werd mah brotha

        • Boooooomb

          Except she is very overweight. Take away her attractive facial features (which have been undoubtedly photoshopped) and all that's left if fat, fat, fat. Of course, to each his own. If you like fatter chicks, that's cool, many people have that fetish.

          • kornerr

            Just pitching in cause I like to do that … not so long ago this was the kind of chick that would have been seen like how Jessica Alba (just an example) is seen today. She would have had all the men wanting her.

            This was considered a healthy build and told others that her and her family could live decently (ie have enough food) and she was considered more likely to be able to have children without complications, etc. Plus she could pull the cart in times of trouble (sorry, bad joke my grandfather used to make, still makes me laugh though).

            So in fact, it's what we are exposed to that changed our views of what beautiful women are. If TV and fashion hadn't exposed us so much to skinny girls and changed our "natural" way of chosing mates, we'd all be screaming 'MOAR". And we'd also think skinny girls are unhealthy and recommend them to a doctor (which is what used to happen back then).

            I personally think she's really sexy. You can see she's not shy about her body and sensuality rocks !

          • PartyMarty

            "Very overweight"? This girl weighs MAYBE 160. "All that's left is fat, fat, fat"? You're nuts dude. I'd baaarely call this girl chubby.

            I'd rather get down with a lady built like #41 (also a great Dave Matthews song- maybe we'll bang to it) than most of the sinewy, emaciated, holocaust-victim looking women you see on this site.

            Furthermore, liking "fat chicks" isn't a "fetish", any more than liking blondes or chicks with huge tits or six-pack abs is a fetish. It's a preference. The girl in this photo is hotter than any woman you're likely to date your whole life.

            *drops the mic*

            • Angry Kid

              Go look at a Lane Bryant catalog, if you're not afraid (it's clothes for fat women – they call them "plus sized" the be nice), this will not even be the thinnest of the women in there. I am glad that you are able to determine her weight just by looking at a photoshopped picture, however, that is a real talent.

              • Troll Spotter

                Obvious Troll is Obvious

        • OwnerOfYou

          I'd buy her dinner to make her feel appreciated, too!

          • Angry Kid

            You wouldn't be able to afford to buy her dinner….

      • Jacksansjill

        Why so much hate for this guy? He has a point. Don't try to act like you have dignity or respect.

    • amrith777

      I don't wanna have to shake the sheets to find her–thick in the right places is sexxaayy…..

    • JimmyJohn

      if shes 5'2"-5'7" then thats great but that size and 5'11" or up is scary

    • Edge

      Thickness is underrated…nice!

    • LOL

      Thin, healthy, fit girls for the win! I love how most of you are total hypocrites, drooling over all the sexy girls in Sexy Chivers, when pretty much NONE of them are as fat as this girl. Please. If you like fat chiks, what the fuck are you doing looking at Sexy Chivers?

      • its_forge

        Because we like *all* women, homey.

        • prankster

          i'm calling BS.

        • Angry Kid

          Dude, seriously? You must really be an asshole, taking about "we" like "all" women. Do you speak for everyone on the Chive, then is so, clearly the majority of people here, based solely on the comments about this photo, hate skinny model, fit girls and prefer fat chicks. So clearly "WE" do NOT like ALL women, and those who are on here taking about how they would pick this fattie over a fit girl are either a bunch of fucking liars, politically correct douchebags or fucking retarded but clearly are in the wrong place, considering this isn't a Lane Bryant model outlet.

    • Dude

      She's broad, where a broad, should be broad.

      • PartyMarty

        101 (x2) pounds of fun.

        (nice reference, btw)

  • Dante

    I think #23 will end bad…. and #48 is amazingly sexy….

    • its_forge

      Gee I dunno why a woman taking off her teeny panties is "sexy," seems odd to me…. lawl

    • Bazinga

      It's a basking shark.

      • Joe

        It's a great white shark. Off the coast of Simons Town in Cape Town South Africa. The dude in the kayak studies them.

  • svsv

    last one nsfw?

    • kornerr

      we do have to change perceptions

    • YupYupYup

      depends on your work, i guess. (gets fired) Definitely NSFW.

  • Stupid_Donkey

    Chive, thanks to you and #24 I now need a new keyboard…

    • Folger Soulja

      Who dat bitch is?

    • ** PAULA HATER **

      Not liking the birth mark on the hip.

      • Vagina Jones

        Wow, kinda picky huh?

      • Nicheal21

        she had a hip?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jjlinehan John J Linehan



    • COCO

      I agreed. Too fat all over. Just Joking.

      I like meat, I need to hold on to some handles for the ride to orgasm.

      • Stress Fetish

        That is not meat on her bones. It is actually fat on her bones. Fitness girls have meat on their bones.

    • COCO


    • sickducker

      What's wrong with being thick? Apparently you like boy bodies over real women.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jjlinehan John J Linehan

        just a turn off for me, everyone has their type… doesn't mean I am into 'boy' bodies… just skinnier women… your argument is just what fat women use to justify to themselves their girth

        • ( . ) ( . )

          Well said my friend, i give you that one..but dang she is sexyyy

        • truthteller

          Come outta the closet already ,find a nice hipster guy and settle down with him.
          She is smokin hot.

        • Gabs

          I think she is hot, can't argue over taste ff course.

    • tcbb789789

      I could stand to see m

    • http://TheChive.com Drewcifer

      I agree, Nope… I know their are many that would… so you all have at it.

    • Still Wood

      Definitely a gravy maker (front juice meets back juice, stir then simmer).

  • http://www.facebook.com/palm.mark Mark Palm

    #8 #9 who's got the most implants?

    • COCO

      Me think they are the same folks

    • Richard M. Turner

      She kinda looks like Denise Richards, if Denise Richards got a really bad dye job and enough silicon to give Intel supply chain problems.

      • KeyserSoze

        silicon is not the same as silicone

      • Hotsauce101

        So basically, she looks like Denise Richards…?

  • RatedR401

    #3 how many times do we have to see this?

    • joe

      when it stops being funny, which it doesnt

  • http://twitter.com/winfields @winfields

    #37 Super Mom –

    #48 – Good enough for this site!

    • з=(•̪●)=ε

      #37 Like a Boss

      • bobsky

        Hell of a catch, baby safely moved to the opposite side of her body, eyes on the ball the whole way…nice!

      • Mike

        I don't believe it. Looks like her and her husband are reaching for the ball. One other person is making a half hearted effort and the rest are just looking at them. Probably staged it before the game even started.

    • aosux

      Her child is in a cast and head-brace. That lady is douchebag bitch of a mother.

      • Tar

        That is a cranial remoulding orthosis, meant to help baby's with plagiocephaly or abnormally shaped heads. Given that she has the helmet at all implies to me that she's probably a pretty decent mother. I guess people just shouldn't take there children anywhere without cushioned walls.

        • NoMoGeronimo

          Or craniosynostosis….

          • Vagina Jones


          • gchild

            Typically craniosynostosis is treated surgically (unfusing of the plates of the head to allow the head to grow correctly) while plagiocephaly is treated with the helmet method, when necessary.

  • Marker

    #41 I would. that's just my game

  • busted

    #8, #9 goes to my gym here in Vegas. He's so big he can't hold his cell phone to the same side ear as the hand he's holding it in lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Knutson/812119055 Jeff Knutson

    #9 – Look, inflatable people!!

    • amrith777

      Including their empty heads.

  • pablo_v

    Zip me up.
    -Lucille Bluth
    Arrested Development

  • COCO

    Once again, the chive fails with posting too much pictures of half naked women on their site and more unfunny pictures. I am not gay, I just do not like seeing women exposing their bodes for the whole world to see on the web.

    • Mick

      Then why do you visit the chive? If you don't like what you see, stop logging on. I found the solution to your problem.

    • comtes

      Fuck off then

    • Christopher McGowan


  • anon

    I fucking love living in san francisco
    Sorry inferior midwest, eastcoast and SoCal FGGTS

    ▲ ▲

    • Matt

      No it's cool gay porn is legal in SAN FRAN.

    • Amanda

      you're retahhhded

  • thegza

    #41 not sure how i feel about this after seeing #48

    • sirtydanchez

      #41 is a sexy, real looking woman, not this 2.5% percent of the population who are skinny as fuck due to eating disorders and daddy issues.

      • Brother Maynard

        Not every slim girl had daddy issues or eating disorders, some can eat what they want they want and not gain a pound, some work out and are healthy. Just because one won't give you the time of day is no need to hate.

  • Allen

    It's business time #13

  • Zac Judkins

    #48 might be the sexiest thing ever. I will probably get in trouble because I am work and I refuse to take it off my screen!

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